Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Dove Nutrium Body Wash Review

Most of my life I have struggled with eczema and it keeps me away from a lot of products. I have very very sensitive skin and I always stick with Dove's products. They may not work for everyone, but I love them. I recently ran out of my body wash so I headed over to Wal-Mart to grab my same one. In the corner of my eye I saw a white plain bottle. I opened and sniffed it and wow it smelled good.

It was Dove Nutrium Moisture. I actually tried the Gentle Exfoilating kind.

Immediately, when I squeezed some on my loofah it made a great thick lather and smelled was even more heavenly. I loved it. And for hours after I still smell it on me....fantastic. Its a keeper.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

New Hairstyle Idea

Side French braided/Two Strand twist Up Do

I see she posted this video back in Aug on youtube, but I'm just now seeing it so it's new to me lol. I'm trying to tonight. I'll let you know how it goes.

Pics of Natural Me

Sorry it's been so long, but I have updated pics up on my Fotki. Check them out and please comment.

Video(s) of the Day

Artists: Boys II Men
Song: Birth of Christ

Artists: Boys II Men
Song: Let it Snow

Man I love these songs

Internet service prices too extreme

As new year's day is fastly approaching I'm not very anxious for it to actually get here. All I can think about is bills plus more bills that I can't afford. I don't know what the government wants me to seems like bailing out on school leaving a increasing 80,000 loan debt, breaking an apartment lease, and failing to pay bills is my only option. And I really don't want to be one of those ppl.

I was getting really excited about the new netbook I jointly purchased with my mother for Christmas. Yup thats my only Christmas gift and I'm thankful I was raised that Christmas isn't all about the gifts because my heart would be broken even more at this point. So, I'm shopping around for internet service at home....I can't find anything at all!!! Do you understand nothing!! When did internet service prices get so expensive? I'm looking for something that will let me surf at home. We have free wireless on campus and I usually stay there for a 10-14 hrs a day so I dont need much at home. So why in the heck are my only options 2year freaking contracts with Sprint or Verizon for $60(not including the purchase of equipement), $40 for 1MB with Comcast, or $35 (not including up to $82 for equipment) with At&t? I'm a very broke college student, I need to find another resolution.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Become a better u

This post is dedicated to a very special person in my life. I love her to death, but I'm really starting to believe that she doesn't see her own beauty. Yes, some say beauty is only skin deep but I believe it starts within and shows throughout. We have to learn every part of us is beautiful from our hair to the soles of our feet. Lately, she's been trying to convince me(and obviously herself) that her issues aren't as deep as I'm making them seem. Let me give you a little background on her.

She decided one day probably over a year ago that she wanted to get over the creamy crack addiction. She saw how successful my hair journey is coming and also how damaging relaxers can be on our hair. She mainly used protective styles during her first period of transitioning.

After many talks with me and also my friend she finally BC'd because she realized the relaxed ends weren't helping her at all. Then the heavy door of reality hit her in the face. Her natural hair wasn't what she hoped it to be. Her complaint is that she doesn't see her curl pattern and her hair is short. I've tried to explain to her that she has to get over it...yea I'm guilty of tough love.

I've push her toward natural sites and videos but it doesn't look like she's making any progress. Mentally, this woman is still in transition. It's been over two months and she has never worn her hair out around her church family and friends. She's been hiding it with a wig. This is a woman who never wore a wig in her life until she stopped getting relaxers. She hasn't played with her hair much but has toyed with twist-outs and braid-outs. In her opinion they are not "cute." Her husband is pretty cool until we get to the subject of hair. He is not supportive of it at all and she's is letting him believe that his lack of support isn't a big deal. HELLO ugh this woman is lying to herself. It's obvious that her feelings are hurt despite if she wishes to admit it or not.

I do understand that natural may not be for everyone but u can't convince me that this journey is not a life changer. It has made me blossom in soo many ways and I'm truly a different person now. I have become more patient, loving, understanding just to name a few. Help me help her.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

It gets old fast

Ever since I was very small I could never keep my focus on anything very long. To make it plain, everything usually gets old pretty fast. I would get something new and after a few days or maybe a week if someone even asked me where I had it last I couldn't tell u. I'm 23 now and I still have this issue. This could even be the reason y I keep "forgetting" to write blog posts lol. Anyways, it gets extremely bad with hair styles. I can keep a style for three weeks max. Its pretty sad. I try to stretch but by the third week I'm telling myself that it needs to come out. I always seem to pick the worse times to take my hair styles down too. I decided I wanted to take my crochet braids down last night at about 11pm even tho I knew I would be too tired to wash it and that I had to be at work today at 8. So now I'm sitting here with a dirty head of hair a day before Thanksgiving. Plus, I plan to drive up north my mom's house tonight. Ugh.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Getting ready for the sales?

I know I’ve personally looked forward to Black Friday every year for many years. It's so much fun watching all the hustle and bustle. I usually go to my sister's after visiting(and eating) at everyone and everybody homes we could fit in on Thanksgiving Day. But last year our fun came to a halt. Unfortunately, it was a cold night and my sister had my small nephew and my brother in law was on his way to work. We decided it wouldn't be a good choice to head out in the madness of Black Friday at 5am. We all know it can be very dangerous. We need a way keep up with the sales we want without the hassle of hitting the streets. This new shopping comparison site let's you do just that. is great! You can search for product deals for anything you want and see what hot deals are available. Wanna know what your friends and family want for Christmas...done. You can link up FB account with FreshDeals and see find out what products they've been checking out from the site. Keep up with the lastest sales and buy what you need at the same time. Happy shopping.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Happy Sunday

Hi guys,

I had my mind made up that I was going to make it to church this morning...FAIL. I stayed up to after 4am talking to my close friend and didn't wake up until after 11 this morning.

Lately, I have been extremely stressed with my financial issues. I'm prayin that I will make it through this trial very soon. I'm truly tryin my best.

I don't kno about u but I'm always drawin a blank when it comes to my next style. I kno it will be a protective style...I usually always style true to that. But other than Idk. Two weeks ago I randomly decided I would install yarn braids. I was inspired by yet another one of Black Onyx's tutorials style videos...check them out

I bought the products and started one braid....then I got lazy and didn't go through with it. I ended up doin my usual front braid back two strand twist style and I didn't like it one bit for some reason. I ended up retwisting the front a week ago. I did I twist out last night and I'm ready to wash it out already. So I'm definitely washing my hair tonight, but I don't know what I'm doin to my hair. Ugh its so frustrating. Well guys gotta go figure out what I'm doing to it.

Monday, November 2, 2009

A Budget Just For Me

As many of you know I'm a broke college student. Some ppl ask me "girl y do u have to work so much?" And my answer is always "I have to pay bills." I don't know about yall but I'm sooo tired always being broke. Some suggest that I make a my mind I tell myself there's no use becuz I barely buy anything for myself and everything else goes to bills. This is very true for the most part I only buy clothes when I absolutely need them(this usually involves a marked down pieced clothing never name brand), I don't eat out very much, I do my own hair(& make most of my own products). I have to admit there are other spending that I'm having a hard time cutting down on like my boyfriend.

I'm starting to see I could save a tank of gas every week by not driving to see him. I could stop getting Netflix since that 14.97 wasted most of the time since movies tend to lay on the table for wks at a time without being watched. The few Starbucks drinks I buy could be cut out(about <2 a mth). But is that really enough? I honestly don't think so which makes me stress out even more. I don't do anything(clubs, malls, movies nada). I barely go and I do mean barely. I fl like I'm going to go crazy if I cut anything else out. That trip to my boyfriend's makes my week and I look forward to it frm the moment I'm kissing him goodbye. I've convinced myself 4 my pocket and my old car's sake I will only visit him every other week. Maybe this is a start maybe it isn't.

Also, I was watching "Singletary Says" on the TV One channel this morning when I woke up and although I thought the show was corny she made some really good pts. She suggested putting a pc of ur check in savings every paycheck no matter how small it is. This is prolly commmon sense to most of u but as I was growing up I was never taught how to save. If I make sure I always put that money aside and try hard not to touch it will truly make a difference. So I started today. Wish me the best.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Help the fashionless!

I have always been a very girly female. Most often I like to admire the fashionistas all around me, but I've never been able to catch on myself. I can easily use the excuse that I've never really had the chance to becuz my mother dresses horribly and I've never had alot of spending money to buy the hottest designer fits. I know that tons of ladies visit thift stores and find the cutest funkiest things at low prices....but I live in Lameville, Indiana lol. Anyways, money is still my number one excuse and I know its getting old. I have confidence and I want my clothes to reflect it. I want style I love style...its so hott. Any ideas?

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

One day at a time

My engine light finally went off Monday morning as I was leaving my honey's house(yea I know I prolly shouldn't be driving on the highway with my headache of a car). I helped a student Monday night when I could have been studying myself. Hopefully my kindness will pay off. I hopped in my car so I wouldn't be late for my second job and the fuel light pops on. I'm paranoid as all get out even tho normal cars last a good 20 mi after the light comes on mine doesn't. I drive all the way to work and stop at the closest gas station near my job and reach for my purse....hmm not there. I managed to drive all the way back to school to look for my purse...not there. Then all the way back to my house....yea found my purse. Drove down the street to the gas station and put in a meesly $10 praying it would last to pay day. Made it to work 30 min late.

As some as you know I had two schedule internship interviews this week. I had no clue how to wear my hair and I have no time to put in the style I want. I rocked a slick back pony that didn't slick back lol and a suit(so called sz 6) that belongs to my sissy(I'll remind you I now wear a nine...I didn't think that plan thru obviously). The interview#1 went well and I hope to hear good things from the company.

My engine light came back on yesterday. My body is starting to get worn out and I have no time to relax. I have a speech that I haven't prepared to give tomorrow and interview#2. I went on campus to study yesterday after work(10:30ish pm) even tho I was so tired. I attempted to work on one of my labs, but I was completely lost. Made it home about 2 and fixed my lunch for today.

Woke up this morning to my puppy running around the room playing loudly....I think she was up all night. Made time to eat cereal, yogurt, water and vitamins. I admit I feel more energized than usual. Even took some pics My prof just pushed back my exam next week since I have no clue what's going on. My group has a lab due tomorrow and I only have access to one building with computers with the proper software...the computers are used to about 5 for classes and the lab closes at 11 ugh.
Geez its only Wednesday!!

Monday, October 19, 2009

I'm extra busy

As you may understand, I am extremely busy. I feel like I practically have no time to turn in a circle let alone participate my extracurricular activities(i.e. blogging and catching up with my unwatched shows stacking up on my dvr). I can leave without t.v. but I love bloggingg and I really miss it. Imma figure something out...I'm determined.

If u know me at all u know that I hate to keep my hair in styles for long periods of time. I know I could have easily worn my crochet braids for a good two mths but that ain't me lol. I took my 1 mth old crochet braids out on Friday while I was was practically on my way out the door. My hun asked me with a confused face "so we're about to leave?" I responded "yea, this will just take a second" I was making the time estimation up and he knew it lol. To both of ur surprise it really did only take a few minutes. I plan to do put two strand twists in my hair any day now but who knows when I'll actually be able to do it. This week I have two internship interviews(whowhoo), three labs to finish, and a speech to take care of :( So at the moment I'm trying to think of a quick/easy/fabulous way to do my hair for my interviews. Please give suggestions!!! I can afford to do maybe a 20 max style for my interview tomorrow. I know that prettydimples has some quick/fabulous styles but their never easy for me.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Just Thinking

This week was the first week at my new job. It is completely unclear to me what it is exactly that I am supposed to be doing here. I applied here with the hopes of getting a job as a computer assistant, but after coming into the interview I was told that he saw an opportunity to fill another need in their office. Therefore, I know that my position has something to do with database work, potentially training staff, and working on reports. Does that seem vague to you? Well it seems vague to me too. So far all I have done this week is play with software called HyperSnap. I'm hoping it will get better next week.

Today, my mother turns 60 years young. I'm so happy for her and I wish I could celebrate in some special way but ur girl is broke. She's in good health, happy, and always in a bubbly mood. Random but as a child I saw my mother is this abomindal woman. Despite the fact that she serves my father like she's his personal slave she seemed so strong. She got up every morning with my father and stayed busy all day. She is a semstrist and also a Sunday school teacher. She was always tired and falling asleep every time she sat but she never complained. I never saw her shed one tear until I was prolly in college. She was perfect by far but I'm happy she's my mother.

Ok sappy moment is over. I really wanna check out Chris Rocks Good Hair doc. I will prolly end up going to the movies by myself but I'm fine with that.

Have a good wknd everyone.

Friday, October 2, 2009

I'm really starting to think I have an issue

I swear to you if it not one issue it is truly another. Some of you know that I have been battling with my allergies all of my life. As far as I know these allergies include both outdoor and food. I have been faithfully taking a number of supplements to attempt to build up my immune system. Despite these efforts, I feel as though I have hit rock bottom. My body started to act as if I was sick, but in my mind I wasn't convinced. Once or twice I thought I might even had swine flu. Last Monday I decided to eat Salmon which is one of the few types of fish I know I'm not allergic to....SURPRISE had a bad reaction. I pulled out two different kinds of Benedryl and took double doses SURPRISE it didn't help much. Over the last few years, I've noticed that when I have allergic reactions my breathing gets out of my control and is a lot worse than when I was a child. So I curled up in a ball and tried to take a nap be for I marched off to work that night. Thankfully, my lungs cleared a little, but I didn't feel right. Issue over...nope. I went to the gym last Wed(I've been on a 2 wk hiatus) and within the first 5 min on the elliptical I was completely and utterly out of breath. This didn't even happen to me my first time back in the gym after a 2+ yr gap. I left immediately and couldn't catch my breathe until I made it all the way one. Then this Tuesday I was merely walking up one flight of stairs and boom couldn't breathe. I also have developed a nasty cough.

After a long debate and a horrible breathless night a work I went to the hospital. I received three breathing treatment and was given 60mg of Prednizone. I was told I seemed to be asthmatic and have been suffering from a broncospasm. The coughing was caused by this as well. So I could now breath but the steroid did not take well with me. I felt as if my heart was beating out of control and I was extremely nervous. The nurse assured me that it is a normal reaction to the drug. Even still, I'd rather not experience it again. Then when I arrived home boom insomnia hit me like a hard brick and my body tingled uncontrollably. This continued into the next day. Not ever again.

I now have a personal project. I am looking for a list of supplements I can take on a daily basis that will counteract my allergies and asthma issue. Currently, I'm taking Nature Bounty woman's multi, vitamin C, B-12, acidophilus, flax oil, and Allegra 180 mg. I am probably going to only keep the acidophilus and flax oil in my regime and add too those two. I would like to assemble a detox to rebuild my entire immune system. I'm convinced the FDA is working their hardest to weakened and kill us off.

Video of the Day

Artist: Consequence feat Kanye West and John Legend
Song: Whatever you want

I'm loving the dancing. It's not ur typical booty shakin video and its so easy to tell it was inspired by the lovely Beyonce.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Weekend Cap

I hope everyone had a great wknd...I know I did. Recently, I've been mentioning that trouble has been arising with my honey. Either I'm going crazy or he is really turning around. Some feel I'm wasting time and money by going out my way to visit him every wknd and I admit sometimes I feel like that. Other times I keep reminding myself that he is still one the first best friends I've ever had and I truly enjoy spending time with him. Our lifetimes are limited and heck we only live once.

With that being said I was damn near surprised how smooth my wknd went. Over a month ago I decided that I would take my friends suggestions and play games with the boy's mind. I hate playing games, but its working so I ain't complaining. One evident fault that I continuously see ppl make is going back on their word. It may seem small at times, but my model is "if your not really going to do it don't waste ur breath saying it." It results in disappointment and the ppl ur trying to prove a point to stop taking u seriously. I'm trying my best to keep this thought in my mind becuz right at this point several ppl in my life are hitting a wall face first(repetitively). My question for them is "for what?" If you just want to have fun, then u wouldn't even let words come out ur mouth like "I'm calling the police if you don't leave" and then the next day ur having sex with the person in the house u told them to leave. This may seem like common sense to u, but in the heat of the moment ppl really have difficulty with these things.

Anyways my point is I made straight forward restrictions for myself and I've stuck with them. In return, me and my honey had several nice conversations this wknd. He was able to open up about a lot of things that have been hard for him for so many years. He was more compassionate and understanding than he usually is. And we listened to each other. He's starting to notice that I do have other options, so he needs to either step up or step out.

As I was on my way to work this morning, FB statuses notified me that the weather is not looking to hot in the Chicagoland and NW Indiana area. Of course, my family didn't call to let me know if they were taking precautions or anything. My mother was still knocked out when I called and didn't have any clue that a storm is coming. Go figure.

Video of the Day

Artist: Melanie Fiona
Song: It kills me

I don't think I've every heard of this singer, but her name looks really familiar. Her vocals are so pretty.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Sorry for the Delay

Hey Hey Hey

I feel like I have posted in forever. I will not make a habit of it. No matter how busy I am I should be able to take 5 minutes to make a post every now and then. I've been busy with school and applying for internships for the summer. School is going well, but the internships not so much.

I haven't even had time to wash my freaking hair. Yea, I know some ppl think its nasty, but when I was relaxed I always waited 3 weeks before I washed my hair. I even dc'd the other night(with my castor oil) without washing first. Last night, I french braided my hair and today I'll be doing the crochet braids that I've been talking about forever. I plan on keeping them for at least 3 weeks, so I prolly should have clarified and washed my hair first but o well. Don't think I'm gross lol. I made sure that I rinsed my hair very well in the shower. I'll post pics of the crochet braid process hopefully tomorrow.

My hair has been growing like a weed and I love it. I have about 1+ inches of new growth from when I attempted to color my hair in July. Also, over the course of the week I've been noticing how much my hair texture seems to be changing. Don't get me wrong I think it possible, but I honestly don't think my texture is changing. I do think however that as my hair is getting longing it is getting heavier and pulling more on my curls causing my curls to look looser. It was harder to detangle, but it I love new look.

Have a good weekend everyone. I plan to spend the how time studying and chilling on the couch. :)

Monday, September 14, 2009

I'm making progress

Since school started this semester I have falling off the wagon with my workout plan...slightly. I am still going to the gym, but not nearly three times a week :( I promise myself I will work out at home w/ the FitTV channel, but I've only done that twice. Regardless, I'm not giving up and I've been making great progress. I can proudly say I have only been missing my workouts because I'm so busy. I still have been eating healthy as well.

So since August I've lost about 7 lbs and have went down about one pants size. I know that's not much, but it's progress. Also, I feel good becuz I know I'm trying to be healthy and that's really my only concern. I feel better in my clothes and in my skin :) I will take pics and compare soon.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Ugh stress is back in full attack

I know that personally I can not handle large amounts of stress well when I am in school. I can not control my financial issues in the way that I'd like since I go to school full time and I work a low paying job, so I have grab the rest of my stressors by the reins. For this reason, the past couple of semesters I made a creed to myself I would not partake in any drama and it worked. This prolly worked mainly becuz one semester I was dating someone that acted like I was her number 1 priority the majority of the time. The next semester I chose to seclude myself from anything serious and knocked all distractions to the side.

This semester I can only pray that I can manage the stress. Money issues are getting better Thank God, but the drama is here. My boyfriend is not helping at allll. I love him to death, and I honestly believe that we will work out. He is sooo difficult yet so simple. My biggest irritation with him is he acts as if he is a mute sometimes. I will ask him straight out "answer me yes or no" and he will just sit there. I hope you can imagine how irritating this is. I first debated if I would talk about this on here, but heck y not. There is about a 2% chance of him reading this blog. I always find myself waiting for his next move and I know he's secretly loving every moment of it. I know that most ppl would tell me to break up with him I can do better, but its really not that easy. I truly love this man and I know he can really make me happy. I almost think this relationship is banking on the fact if I can bare long enough for him to grow the hell up.

Low Maintanance High Results

As I've mentioned several times before I try to be religious protective styler. It does get a little boring sometimes, but heck its worth it. I've always wanted to find a low-maintenance style that would help me achieve my hair length goal. I don't talk about my length goal much, becuz its not really important to me.

My whole regime is low-maintenance. One thing I do which a lot of ppl don't get is I do not use combs(Except to part very small sections) or brushes. All of my detangling is done with my fingers. I normally detangle with my dc. This usually is around every two weeks when my hair is worn in protective style. When I'm wearing my hair out I detangle once a wk with a condish. When I talk to ppl about this they feel "well I wouldn't be able to get away with that with my hair." My response to that is at least try it out. The reason that I am so anti-combs/brushes is becuz I absolutely hate seeing my hair come out in locs of hair. When I finger comb, I've noticed I have about 70% less hair in my drain after I wash. Also, I hate hate the sound of the comb/brush yanking at my curls(this is the exact reason I returned my Denman the same wknd I got it).

I decided to take part in the Castor Oil challenge. If you haven't heard peep it out

Honestly I don't desire my hair to be any thicker, but I think I will reap many other benefits like healthy and stronger hair.

And I can't forget about my protective styling. I intend to wear my hair in two strand twist mainly, but depending on how much I like the crochet braid I plan on trying I may alternative. Y'all I've been practicing my cornrowing styles. Also, I've acquire a good habit for myself. Becuz of my lack of free time I will often style my hair in halves. Like this:
I wore my hair like this for a few days.

Then finished the rest:
I plan on having stretched arm pit length hair by May 11, 2010. Right now my hair is slightly passed collar bone length stretched. HHG!!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Video of the Day

Artist: Tarrus Riley
Song: Love's Contagious

Do what I have to do

I'll give u little background info to my situation. As you already know I am a Black woman. What you may not know is my major is Computer and Information Technology. I was talking with a fellow Black female in my field and we discussed that we are very ignorant about our future line of work. I love my major don't get me wrong, but I did not grow up dipping and dabbling on a computer's device methodology functions and blah blah blah. I did not read computer magazines or install VMware on my operating system for fun. Do any of these words sound foreign to u? Well, they do to me too. My point is when I enter a new class, I'm usually learning the material for the first time with no prior knowledge in the area. However, most of my classmates are completely the opposite. Also, I have add I am almost always the only woman and only Black person in my courses which I don't mind much. After dealing with it for 8+ years u get used to not seeing a familiar face. But factors do play a role and I believe they have caused a issue that I need to deal with immediately. In my concentration I have to do the majority of the course load in groups. Last semester, I had a huge problem. In two separate groups I was having the same problems. We did not hold one single meeting, hardly any emails weren't sent out, and I would often walk into a computer lab and see our group work being done without me.

By nature, I am very passive. I often find myself doing or not doing things so I won't be labeled as a typical mad Black women. Some of these labels include being argumentative, aggressive, and controlling. I know that I prolly shouldn't do this but I like to keep out of potential conflict. The outcome for the past group project ended leaving my grade and knowledge suffering. If I continue to let this happen I will continue to loose out for many reasons. 1) I won't learn the course work which I will definitely need in the future 2) These men will continue to handle group work like this in the future. In our field we will prolly have group assignments for the rest of our careers.

So I will have to bite the bullet and "man" up. As much as I hate it I will have to be prolly play the leader role for the rest of undergrad and delegate all actions. I will prolly have to tell them the pull their heads out of their asses for a minute to teach me how to complete the work. I refuse to keep sitting back and losing this these situations.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Catch up

I haven't been posting about my personal life very much, but I'm really thinking about it. I won't ever go in too much detail, but blabbing and venting through blogging is a great great stress reliever. At the moment, I'm not stressed like crazy so I'm grateful about that. This is the second week of school and I've managed to turn all of my work in on time so far...yes!

I have a praise report lol. One of the ladies I mentioned on Monday did her BC!!! Yea !! It was the lovely lady Ponytail.

She is still getting used to it, but I know she'll be fine. I'll see her this wknd when I go home to celebrate Tania's bday. There is a African Fest going on and I can't wait to go. :)

Video of the Day

Artist: Mary J. Blige
Song: The One

Monday, August 31, 2009

Do you see what I see?

I'm writing this post out of concern for two ladies in my life. I don't want to put them on blast so I won't mention how I know them. Both of these women have extremely damaged hair. Damaged to the point where they prolly need to cut their hair down to about 2 inches of hair.

Situation 1: One of these ladies is transitioning. I'll call her Nu Hair becuz she has faithfully been rocking a wig during her transition lol. Anyways, this wknd I walked in her house and her hair was all over her head. Immediately, I saw that she had extreme extreme breakage that started from her hairline and reached about 3 inches back. The rest of her hair looks very sparse and seems like she's been loosing hair on a daily basis. She has been transitioning for about 7 months so she has about 2 inches of unrelaxed hair. I was really alarmed and asked what happened to her hair. I think it is a mixture of reasons. 1) Like many women, she does not take care of her hair. 2) Stress is a huge factor in her life at the moment. I asked her what was she going to do with her hair. She told me that she wants to get it flat ironed for her wedding anniversary. WHAT!!! Ur kidding me, right?

Situation 2: The second lady is about 21 years old and has hated getting her ends clipped all of her life. I will call her ponytail becuz she wears her hair in a ponytail about 97% of the time. I have been on her back about her hair, but she refused to get her ends clipped. Also, this girl is famous for going with an relaxer for at least 4 months at a time. See some women can do this..that is if they take care of their hair. She lacks knowledge about hair to the point that she didn't know that after your hair is "healthy" there is still a need to clip/dust your ends. So, I also saw this woman's hair this wknd. The middle of her hair is completely missing Nu Hair only her unrelaxed hair remains. She is considering waiting another year before thinking about relaxing(thumbs up). She asked me at least five times "how much of my hair will I need to get cut off" The thought in my mind was "Um hello, ur missing hair sweetie. U prolly will need to let all go."

Come one ladies. Can't you see that ur hair is trying to tell you something. I was talking to Tania and she made a comment that when some women look at their hair they must not really see what's there. IA 110%. It's like their too busy imagining what they want their hair to look like they can't open their eyes to see what's in the mirror.

I really feel for these ladies. Both of their partners are not supportive of the fact that they need to rock a twa or braids for a few months. One even commented "a lot of ladies can rock short hair but not my lady" How rude. These women have no support and are terrified of cutting their hair. And we all know that their are countless women out there with the same problem.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Gone but not Forgotten

I always loved Aaliyah. When I was younger I thought she had it, sass, flowing real hair lol, and a great performer. There wasn't a time when her videos were on that I would flip the channel. I truly can't believe she's been gone for 8 years now.

Artist: Aaliyah
Song: Are you that somebody?

Thursday, August 27, 2009

*Patting myself on the back*

Last night I had a great idea of getting up extra earlier today so I could go to the gym before my 8:30 class. Normally, I would have kept hitting the snooze button until it was too late, but for some reason I was full of energy when I woke up this morning from only 4 good hours of sleep lol. I had a good workout and I'm really thinking about advancing my routine soon very soon. I've lost a total of about >5 lbs. I know that's not a lot, but I'm very proud of myself. It's been about a month since I started working out about three times a week. I'm starting to notice my stomach flattening and my flab tightening...its great.

After my workout, I took a shower and rinsed my hair at the gym when a thought hit me. I would have never been able to rinse/cowash my hair on an almost daily basis when my hair was relaxed. And even if I could I would have never been able to slap some activator gel and a headband and just go. I was admiring my curls in the mirror and I still can't believe that my hair is natural. This might be easier for some ppl to accept, but to me its a huge change. Personally, its been a change for the better. I love love love my hair and I know she loves me too lol.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Breathe in Breathe out....Woosah

I feel like I've been on another planet for a bit. I've been taking care of business and making sure everything is line so my semester can start smoothly. I'm tired and I really wish I could have a mini-vacation before I go back to school...hmm thats sooo not going to happen. The closest thing to that will be maybe going home for my bestie's b-day then a trip w/ my old roomies to U of I South in September.

My face is still breaking out and I'm really starting to believe it started with my frequent cowash sessions. I have slowed down on them and up'd my face regime but the break outs haven't ceased yet. I first used
with warm water. I recently used the CVS brand of apricot scrub that left my face very irritated and I ended up breaking out on my cheeks too. I've heard really good things about Cetaphil from ppl w/ sensitive skin like me so I had to give it a shot. Next, I finally tried Tania's baking soda scrub last night. If you try I will have to warn made my face burn like hell. Lastly, I used my ACV as my toner as normal. This morning my face looked soo much better. I don't know if it was the Cetaphil or the baking soda that did the trick. Either way I'm greatful.

In my hair news, I'm going back into protective season. I started protective styles last year in September and my hair loved me for it. Although, this time I will be using heat occasionally becuz I admit I occasionally miss the days when my hair was wrapped.

Video of the Day

Fefe Dobson - New Music - More Music Videos

Artist: Fefe Dobson
Song: I want you

This song is very different from what I typically see. Personally, I like this time of music so I'm up for a change.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

It feels so good

I hope you had the opportunity to feel the great pleasure in ur heart when u've heard that you've encouraged someone. This doesn't pertain only to natural hair but all things we experience in life. As I was told when I was younger "someone is always watching u" and its so true. Unfortunately, ppl also are watching us when we're doing things negatively as well, but thats another story.

Recently, I got a DM(direct message) on Twitter from a college friend of mine. She stressed how much she want to get rid of her perm. Over this past year plus some, I can't remember the last time she had worn her on hair out. She didn't wasn't addicted to LF or anything so I knew something deeper was going on. She had a mishap last summer when taking out the tracks from her last hair style. A chunk of hair was stuck to the track and would not come out. She was rocking her wig to hid the damage I believe. Anyways, to make a long story short. Tuesday night she sent me a pic. She BC'd yall!! I'm so happy for her. She told me that its becuz of me that she first started thinking about going natural. I'm estatic.

Also, my mom and sister are still transitioning. I'm going to continue holding their hands all the way through. Its such a great feeling.

Monday, August 10, 2009

It's School Time Again

In 2004, I would have thought I would have graduated from undergrad by now, but unfortunately I haven't. The fact that I've been in school for almost 6 years and others were able to graduate in under 4 makes me a tad bit jealous I admit. I was trying to make sure I don't overload myself by taking more than 15 credit hours a semester, but now I'm saying what the heck. I'm trying to get out of school and don't ever wanna go back(I know that I'll eventually go to grad school if I can't help it). I already know this semester is going to be crazy..I'm taking 18 hours and working two jobs. Well a sista has to do what she has to do. Imma keep my faith strong and stay focused studying and I know I will make it through.

Video Of the Day

Artist: K'Jon
Song: On the Ocean

Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Relaxed Decision

I'm interested to know y after finding out how harmful relaxers can be and hearing all the horror stories of the damage its caused we still feel we(black women) need to get our hair "permed" on a regular. I've been natural for over a year and I love it. I realize that some individuals find it hard to care for natural hair so they continue to relax...believe me I'm not hating. I just would love to hear y they love relaxers so much. I would love to know y they are so addictive.

I don't talk much about my decision to go natural, but I began thinking really hard about this when I began to read the post Good Hair. As a child I can remember going to the hair dresser every couple of weeks with my mother and sister. I don't have many memories of my childhood but these visits are clear. We were all natural but got our hair pressed on a regular. My mother never did our hair at home(by this age my sis could style her own hair), so I never saw my natural curls...if I even had any left from getting my hair pressed so often. My mother wore her hair in tight rollerset curls and I hated it lol. It reminded me of a 60's hairstyle. As I got a little older my sis got her hair relaxed by a stylist from church....then my mother got hers relaxed. It only seemed natural to get my hair relaxed too...or so I thought. I actually learned to love the feeling of head getting burned from the relaxer....odd and weird I know. One time my head burn so bad it literally felt like my hair was going to fall off. My stylist had to pour antiseptic over my whole head. Yet, I didn't think twice about it. I felt like it was my own fault that I got burned. I wasn't supposed to scratch my head. It's like we are brainwashed. That's not normal. Y would I want something in my head that burned that much? Some women feel that their hair is only beautiful when their new grow has just been fried and their hair is bone straight. I wasn't that type. I wanted my hair to grow and I wanted my hair to be healthy. Once I began to learn about natural hair I challenged myself and transitioned from the relaxers.

Like I said before, I'm not hating on relaxers. I believe that we have free will and can do what we please to our hair. I understand that natural hair can be too much to handle at times. I just wish we as black ppl could be more open to change. More willing open to our eyes when something is obviously wrong with us. I know so many women who have bald spots all over their heads and you can see their scalp from just looking at them from behind...yet they still go back and get there hair relaxed. I know that some women feel that relaxed hair is more acceptable. Those same women will wear blond synthetic weave and think their hott.

I also know women who are very aware and knowledgeable(or they have good stylists) of whats going on to their hair. These women understand that relaxers need to be stretched and carefully applied. It would make sense for these women to choose to continue to relax, so my curiosity grows deeper for women with damaged hair. I want to know y they find so much comfort in getting them. It can't be so much that they wanna be just like celebrities or the tv because the majority of them are rocking lacefront wigs not relaxers.

I know their are historical facts and research on this, but I just want what is really going through these women's minds. I want to know what their really thinking. Hmmm...I just wanna know.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Video of the Day

Artist: Mariah Carey feat Gucci Mane
Song: Obsessed Remix

Idk but I love this song. The hook is so hott plus my honey is constantly beating Gucci so this is a great mix.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Past Due: Toning Up

In the last recent months, I've stressed by desire to get my body together. I have fell off the wagon quite a few times. I started by jogging a couple times a week and had to scratch from my schedule becuz I had to get a second job. So I have been itching to get a workout in, but couldn't figure out a plan. I finally figured I could fit a workout in between my jobs even though I am stretching myself really thin. Last week I was able to get 3 1.5hr workouts in. My body was so sore but it made be feel good at the same times.

Part of the reason I am weary of working out to much is becuz my honey is one of those Black men who love sisters with big booties and thighs. When I started to gain weight he noticed my lil bump was growing nicely(in his eyes). I fear that if I get in shape I will be shaped like a string bean. My health is more important than his lustful wants. He loved me when I was super skinny so he'll love me now too.

Once I get over these worries there will be no turning back.

It's time for something new

As I reported a couple weeks ago, I was going to attempt to step away from the puff. Have I? Um...not really. I will admit I haven't been wearing them tight so my hairline won't pay the cost. And I have been switching up the position almost daily.

Of course I have made excuses of y I've been sticking to the puff and I'm happy that at least I know they are just that...excuses. My number one: is this summer I have been ridiculously busy...not with events unfortunately but from working so much. Number two: well you know I've been trying to color my I didn't want to do a protective style that I would have to take right back down becuz I wanted to color it.

So here I am...still no color and my hair is still in a puff. Wanna no y? Remember when I said I was going to let a stylist do my hair. Well that stylist was an older cousin that I don't know very well. I made an appt with her and everything. That was until she texted me that she was going to charge me 65 smackers for some color. WTF!!! I have never and will never pay that much to get my hair done(besides braids). Hopefully I've finally found someone to help me color it(one of the city bus drivers).

In other news, I have been secretly searching for a new DC. I ran out of my ORS that I usually mix with 2 eggs. The last time I DC'd as suggested by my bf Tania
I mixed a cheap conditioner w/ essential oils. My sis has been using during her transition. I saw it at Walmart this wknd so I thought...hmm y not. I plan DCin, coloring, and during a protective style this week. We shall see how it goes.

Monday, July 27, 2009

I'm breaking out

Over the last year my skin has went from bump free to bumpyville. I don't know whats going on. I'm think it might have something to do product dripping on my face, but every since that episode I have been doing great with making sure that my hair is dry enough to style and go. Also, I try to wash my face in the morning(Clean and Clear-I had some left that I need to use it up) and at night(Ambi daily cleanser)...but nothing is working. I drink plenty of water and I eat pretty well...ugh I'm frustrated now. I even tried this natural exfoliating method last Thursday...

So far nothing has changed. I will try this method one more time in two weeks. If it doesn't work I will try something else.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Protective Style Addition

My sister is currently transitioning and discovered crochet braids on youtube. This style reminds me a lot a style I wore back in middle school. Basically I believe that its the same style but different type of weave used.

Anyways, right now I don't plain on using this as a style because of the summer heat, but as soon as the fall hits trust I will try.

I want to spice it up and try something like this

If you interested check out the youtube tutorials below:

Video of the Day

Song: Make Her Say
Artist: Kid Cudi feat. Kanye West & Common

I've been feeling this song since I heard it a couple months back. The video gets big props from me. #1: The girl rocking the TWA #2: A unique video instead of another that only shows half naked women and club scenes #3: My celebrity crush Common on the mic

Monday, July 20, 2009

Video of the Day

Artist: Calvin Harris
Song: I'm Not Alone

New Burst of Courage

I am the young age of 23, but boi I've been through so much. Recently, I have been worrying a great deal about my future. I wonder what will come of it. I wonder will I be successful. I wonder how will I get out of my credit card debt. How will I be able to?

I don't know the answer to any of these questions. Everyday I pray for peace. I pray that I will be ok. Most of the time I don't think that I will, but I believe that my savior will make a way. I know that I am truly with out a doubt trying as hard as I can. Ppl can try to tell me that I shouldn't have ever used the credit cards, but I know that I had to do what I had to do.

Everyday, I realize that I am becoming a more beautiful woman inside and out. I'm going through these trials for a reason(that is unknown to me). I will continue trying and I won't give up. I know that help is coming(one day).

Thursday, July 16, 2009

A Prosperous First Year Being Natural

Some of you know that I have been waiting for this day and it finally year. I can't believe how far my hair has come. I'm proud that I can inspire others to join the natural journey with me. My goal is not to trash down what others choose to do with their hair, but to encourage everyone to take care of their hair period. Our hair can be beautiful with all textures.

Monday, July 13, 2009

My Top Reasons I've added ACV as a staple

Anyone who knows me knows I love love AVC. We had our first encounter back last yesterday when I started to read about clarifying hair. Some say that ACV does not clarify your hair, but I would disagree. Like any product, it may not work for everyone but my hair loves it. I mix ACV 3:1 with shampoo(or condish) in a spray bottle. Every two weeks I add my mixture to wet hair in the shower when I am washing my hair.

As I've mentioned several times, I have a million and one allergies. One being severe ezcema. I've been praying that I will grow out of my allergies, but that hasn't happened yet. I'm 23 and I've been using creams for ezcema since I was at least 10 and I was sick and tired of it. One day several years ago I looked down at my hands and noticed that they were seriously loosing pigment. I was like awww nawww I am not trying to bleach my skin. Ever since then I only used the cream when I have a horrible break out...well until recently I came across an interesting alternative using ACV. I began to use this method about three times a day and within a week my skin really began to clear up.

On top of my allergies, I suffer from sinus issues, acid-related stomach aches, minor arthristis and the list continues. Yea, I'm falling apart. Anyway, I'm so tired of taking all my daily meds for all this crap. I read up on EarthClinic for my sinus and arthristis problems. I began to drink 3oz of ACV a day and I feel a million times better. Amazingly, I haven't had any pains or aches for weeks(besides headaches and I'm trying to figure that out now) and I'm so happy.

Video of the Day

Song: Electric Feel
Artist: MGMT

I peeped this song out on Pandora and had to post the video. I love all types of music.

Colored My Hair!

Yup, u've read it right. July 16 will mark my 1st year being natural. I've been in a very stressful situation lately, so I thought it would be great to do something adventurous like color my hair.

As suggested to me, I tired a semi-permanent Cherrywood color by Clairol Pro. I was hoping to get a very noticeable color change, but instead I can only see .5% color change when my hair is at an angle that makes the sun beam on my hair. I'm highly dissapointed. :(

I planned to get my hair colored professionally in a couple of weeks.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Video of the Day

Artist: Beyonce
Song: Sweet Dreams

I love the song and I always love her dance moves. I'm really feelin that her dancer is rockin a TWA!! And I'm happy that Beyonce isn't wearing a thick mask of makeup this time. :)

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Video of the Day

Find more videos like this on ThisizGame - NEW NETWORK FEATURES AND UPDATES COMING SOON!!!!!!

Singer: The Game Feat. Chris Brown
Song: Better on the Other Side (MJ Tribute)

Taking a Step Away from the Puff

Even though I loved my puff I am going to take a break from them. I'm not sure how often I will wear my puff now, but it def won't be everyday. I've even tried a new style

I hope to keep this style until my 1st napturalversary . 8 days to go yayayyhh!!!!

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Video of the Day

Artist: Letoya Luckett
Song: She Ain't Got

I'm really feeling this song.

Yay Twist Out Success...Well Sorta

If you know anything about my hair...u know it does exactly what it wants to do. After I BC'd I was introduced to a head of hair that I had never met before lol. It was stubborn but darn pretty. I love every inch of it...well I've learn to love it.

I often joke about not being about to do a twist out because they normally look like

which looks much like


which is just a wash n go. Because I like the 2nd pic more I normally don't wear twist outs.

Lately, I've been noticing a lot more knots on my ends and suspicious breakage areas so I need to add something to my regime. After looking at Beautifulbrwnbabydol's regime video I thought...hey I should try doing 2strand twists at night.

So I did and I used
And my 2nd day hair turned out as follows:

I'm satisfied lol

Fitness Confessions

My workout motivation sucks. I have so many holdups.

Number 1: I've always been petite and I've always cringed when ppl referred to me as "skinny." I've gain about 20 lbs since then and I really like it in certain areas but I know I need to be healthy. So I'm afraid that I will lose more than I would like to.

Number 2: I've always hated working out, but I know that if I do it more often I will enjoy it...but I have to actually get to that point.

Number 3: I'm always busy. I have yet to make a workout schedule and stick to it.

Yea, I know. These are all excuses for me to be lazy and has to stop. I've been doing better and I've noticed that my stomach is already starting to shrink. I even feel smaller and better. I've never had horrible eating habits so that wasn't hard to break at all. I have been eating 3 times a day. I've also had this weird tendency all of my life. My friends laugh when they find out. So I get food in front of me and I eat. I always eat very slow and I get tired of chewing. This causes me to waste a lot of food, but that's a whole other story lol. Most importantly...I don't over eat or eat for no reason.

I've also added a lot more fruits and healthy foods to my meals. I often find myself bringing fruit and apples to work. Also, I've started using ACV in my daily routine. I will take measurements and give you more updates soon.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Micheal Jackson Tribute

Artist: Micheal Jackson
Song: P.Y.T.

It has truly sunk in that he really has passed on. He was a legend and truly changed the way that we view music today. I don't anyone can compare to him musically.

Keep he's family and loved ones in your prays.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Video of the Day

Artist: Ciara
Song: Work

Hmm...what do you think? Ciara has been trying to rock her ex-long pony lately. The song is def something to dance to, but I can really do without the video. It reminds me of a drag one of the really good ones that has ur mouth hanging up in envy wishing you could dance like that lolol. I can almost hear B. Scott laughing.

I feel like...


lol...For the summer I am planning to rock wash n gos with full force, but so far I have been feeling like I have a jheri curl for the first hour or so after my cowashes. I might know the source of the problem. First off, I have a new puppy that demand all of the time at home. When I finally have a chance to get in the shower in the mornings before hopping on the bus to get to work it I'm rushing and running around the house like crazy. Second, I've been trying to kick towels out routine. I love my curls so much more when I have ringed the crap out of head. I know I've heard using tee-shirts as a sub, but I can't seem to find the time to grab any while I'm rushing. So instead I've been ringing sections of my hair with my hands to get the access water out...umm it sounded like a good idea at first.

By the time my hair is styled and I'm out the door I have condish and moisturizer running down my neck. Ugh I can't stand it. My skin is extremely sensitive and absolutely hates it. When I started doing this a couple of weeks ago I ended up with a huge rash on back of my neck and ears that itched like crazy. I managed to get my eczema on my neck and stuff cleared up by using ACV and coconut oil several times a day.

I'm not sure what to do about the drippige...

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Slightly a change of mind

So, I prolly won't entirely eliminate natural hair sites and blogs from my life. Despite the awful distaste that they put in my mouth this week, I find it extremely helpful(when it comes to talking about have healthy nappy(reminder I absolutely hate that word and am using it to be sarcastic) hair). Although, I plan to slow down my visits and posts I will stay and I plan to post a thread on on both Nappturality and BlackHairMedia. Honestly, lashing out at innocent ppl is not every called for and I'm always up for helping create a meaningful eyeopener. I don't like drama in my own personal life, so y on earth would I stand for it when I visit hair sites with ppl I don't even kno.

For years, I've heard of some many women electing India Arie's "I am not my hair" as their anthem and I've always disagreed. When I decided to become natural it became my life. It was such a wonderful experience so to me it was an honor to say "My hair represents who I am." I am a young, independent, petite, dark skinned, tenderhearted woman. I am unique and I feel that the hair that God decided to grow out of my hair fits me perfectly. Despite, how true this has been for me I guess I really am not my hair...I am sooo much more.

My best friend, Tania(I hope she reads this lol) is always encouraging me and giving me great advice. She has been an open educational source all the way through my transition up til now and she is not 100% natural. We can be positive and supportive to other woman of color no matter what they decide to do to their hair. As mentioned so many woman use natural hair sites for guidance because may not have a Tania :) or don't know how to take care of their hair so I won't discourage them from visiting the sites that I named before. For the same reason, we really need a open hair(that caters to natural individuals) site in which woman will not pounce on someone for choosing a kiddy perm, because they didn't have the time to detangle their hair for 5 hours every two weeks. I know in the recent years there have been a number of sites going up but I wish they would reach all over the world.

Video Of The Day

Watch more Up Against All Odds videos on AOL Video

Artist: Tarralyn Ramsey
Song: Up Against All Odds

I was talking to my boyfriend this morning and this song came to mind as I was encouraging him to remain positive and fight against up all odds.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I'm so through

I have always been extremely open minded person and I understand that everyone can't be that way but damn. I posted a topic on Nappturality that in which I wanted to know who thought any one could be natural. Some how one of the chicks turn six freaking words that didn't even need to be taken seriously "she prolly never should have considered perming" into something else. Basically, she was accusing me of being ignorant which I am far from. Obviously, her and so many others have nothing better to do than be Natural Nazis. I'm am truly considering stoping all nappturality, blackhairmedia, and hair blog viewing.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Who can be "Natural"

This question was brought up when I was talking with an old friend. She has always been someone that receives the question "What are you?" I've been knowing her for over 8 years and I still finding myself driving down the street honking and waving at a White girl wearing shades thinking she's my friend lol. She identifies herself as black which is 110% fine by me. Her mother is mixed with German and Black and her father with White and Black. Around the same time me and my old roomie decided to be free from chemical fires she decided to do the same(or prolly before I don't really remember). She has beautiful hair and it's full of curls. Honestly, she prolly never should have considered perming in the first place. Note: I say that only because her texture always looks pretty much the same. For example, On Monday she walks in the door with straight hair(that hasn't been permed in months) and on Tuesday it looks exactly the same(She has just come from the salon in which she paid $60+ for a perm). True story.

Because of the way ppl ridicule her about what race she is and finds herself defending her right to called Black on way to often basis she feels she her hair isn't "natural." I quickly disagreed.

Number 1: She's Black(or AA to be politically correct)
Number 2: She doesn't have chemically altered hair

But she feels that maybe because

Number 1: She doesn't look "Black" (she has very fair skin and green eyes)
Number 2: Her hair 3B/3C isn't "nappy" *cringing* or kinky

The pic I found closest to her hair is:

From the Mouth of Babes. . . Why the N-word Should be Eliminated

This brung tears to my eyes. I eliminated the word from my vocabulary years ago and I hope that we can come together as a people eradicate the word completely.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

I dreamt I relaxed my hair!

I've read about having these dreams on one of my natural sites. I read it thinkin...that's crazy I hope I never have one of those. Well ladies I did and it was horrible. In my dream I was preparing my hair to do a straight style. All of a sudden I got the bright idea to relax my hair so it could be straighter. I added the perm and instantly regretted it. I couldn't believe I was doing this to myself...all my hard work was flushed down the toilet. I threw my head under the sink and rinsed it out. I quickly thought...if I wash it out right away it will kinda still look natural. Once I had completely washed out my hair I cried and cried and cried some more.

I woke myself out of my sleep, because I heard myself wimpering. When I opened my eyes my puppy was looking at me like I was crazy lol.

Monday, June 8, 2009

You want me to run?

As I mentioned before, I am not happy with my weight. Part of my challenges is having to deal with sweat, being sore, and out of breath. I've always been really girly and I've always hated to run. I told myself that when my puppy was old enough to run without stopping and laying down I would start to jog. Well, I was hoping that wouldn't happen soon. To myself I was in general convo with my boyfriend today and I asked when he thought my pup
would be ready. He bust my lil bubble and told me that she is ready now? What...already? So I will bite the bullet, put on my running shoes and go for a jog. I'm not to happy about it. I'm sure that me and her will both eventually love our jogs *sarcastically smiles*

*Singing* I got my curls back!

I couldn't take it any longer. I had to release my hair from those kinky twists. I hate wearing styles that last more than two weeks, but I tried it again. This time I had them in for a whole 3 weeks and 4 that was a stretch for me.

When I was takin my twists down it oddly took me realllllly long. I have a new puppy so I had to take her out several times while takin my twists down. I kno my neighbors thought I was some crack head walkin around with a fro in the front of my hair and the back in twists still.

The last time I took my kinky twists down I was able rock my dirty hair in a twist out for a couple of days, but this time it looked a hot mess. I immediantly jumped in the shower and washed my hair. I finally tried
and looovvveedd it. Once I completely rinsed my hair I added a little more for a leave in and it turned out like this....

This summer I will take full advantage of wash-n-goes. So this morning I hoped in the shower and cowashed with Totally Twisted again and loved it again lol. My curls have been poppin.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Flat Abs and a Small Waist Wish

For most of my life I have been petite. I was convinced that I would be small forever(stupid thought I know). My mother was like 120 when she got married at 28, both of my grandma's were petite, and so are the majority of my aunts(I have over 10) were small too. I was in for a rude awaking over the last couple of years. I've gained about 15 lbs and don't mind it most places but it's not cute on me anymore. My stomach is starting to budge out and I've went up two pants sizes. I know some ppl are thinking "You skinny chicks make me sick" but it is a big deal for me. I can't make unrealistic goals and say I'm going to go to the gym everyday or run for miles on a regular, but I need to do something.

I prefer to eat healthy food, but I will make more a commitment to do so more often.
I would like to get to the point where I don't have to undo my belt and pants because they are too tight.
I would like stomach to be flat.

For this I plan on jogging a couple of days a week with my new puppy. Also, I will cook healthy food at least 4 nights a week. I will do daily crutches and ab workouts. I plan to reach my goal by August 5.

Coil Review is Hott!

You have to check out this video.

I saw it the other day and have been meaning to post it. This is exactly the kind of positive exciting energy that we need around. There are too many ppl still walkin around saying the natural hair looks like we're slaves or just left Africa. It's pure ignorance and ppl need to be enlightened. I fully support the Coil Review. Spread the word.

Monday, June 1, 2009

10 months already?

The other day I was browsing through my usual hair forums (nappturality & blackhairmedia) and I saw that a poster hit her 10 month napptural mark. Then it hit me I forgot my 10th month of being natural :(. It was officially May 16. Well, I won't forget again.

I promised myself that I would keep my kinky twists in for at least 6 weeks. Hmm...idk about that. I love my real hair and have always hated weave so I don't know if I can last. I'm sure that my hair is loving the break from manipulation. Maybe I will take these down the Friday before Father's Day, so I can look extra fly on Sunday lol.

1 1/2 more months until 1 nappversay. Yay!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Video of the Day

Artist: The Dream feat. Kanye West
Song: Walkin on the Moon

Personally, I think this video is kinda korny, but I love his music so I support.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

How Much Is Really Necessary?, The protein treatments, oils, deep conds

I'm going to piggy back on this thread How much is really necessary. What do you think. I am addicted to so many blogs and forums that stress the need to do sooo much. Most of the time I breeze through the articles but I hardly ever change up my regime. I like to keep it simple. I also haven't taken much time to read all the books and research about the products we so call need in our regime. I couldn't tell you one thing about protein and I don't plan on finding out either. My hair is in great shape and I don't need anything extra. Now, it would only make sense to try something different if my hair was not living up to its full potential. To me it only makes sense to keep your hair moisturized and dc religiously. I know that my hair can look sorta dead if I don't spray on my daily spritz(includes pure aloe vera gel, glycerin, rose water, and regular water) but really that's it. I mainly only use my homemade moisturizer and my spritz on a daily basis and that pretty much sums it up. What do you think.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Kinky Twist Mishap

Well, as I mentioned before my plan was to put my kinky twists in as soon as I finished up the semester. My plan actually came through, but I having a little bit of difficulty.

1) I started my hair on Sunday night. It's friday at 4pm and I'm still not finished. My excuse is that I'm working full time and I only have time to work on my hair for a couple of hours at a time.

2) So when I purchased 4 bags of hair to be on the safe side. I discovered that one of the bags was a 1B/30 and all the rest are 1B/30. I assumed that 1B/33 would be lighter so I used that bag first and I started doing my hair from the back up. Ugh I was wrong as heck. So now the back of my hair is extremely lighter than the rest of my hair.

I pray that I it looks fine.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Hair Style Change Plz

K so I've been talking about my lack of hair styles for weeks now. This week is officially the last of school this semester. My plan is to put my kinky twists in directly after school ends. Hopefully this one will actually happen. So far my other hair plans have been dropped ridiculously. Since my BC in July 08 I have been really good with dcing 2x a month and washing 4x a month. Well I haven't washed my hair at all in at least 2 weeks and I've only cowashed once in that time. Plus, I haven't moisturized my hair in days. Ugh I know. I blame it on stress, drama, and tiredness.

Today is Wednesday and I still have two more finals this week plus Mother's Day on Sunday. So hopefully Saturday I will give my hair a lil TLC...she really deserves it for holding up with all the crap I've been giving her lately lol.

Monday I plan to start on my hair. Part of me wants to hold off, because my "friend" doesn't like when women have hairstyles in their heads for more than 3 three weeks. I guess she will have to suck it up and love my hair however I decide to wear it. :)

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Video of the Day

Artist: Goapele
Song: First Love

I love this song