Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Catch up

I haven't been posting about my personal life very much, but I'm really thinking about it. I won't ever go in too much detail, but blabbing and venting through blogging is a great great stress reliever. At the moment, I'm not stressed like crazy so I'm grateful about that. This is the second week of school and I've managed to turn all of my work in on time so far...yes!

I have a praise report lol. One of the ladies I mentioned on Monday did her BC!!! Yea !! It was the lovely lady Ponytail.

She is still getting used to it, but I know she'll be fine. I'll see her this wknd when I go home to celebrate Tania's bday. There is a African Fest going on and I can't wait to go. :)


FyrstPlayce said...

Omg...I've been thinking about going all natural for a while. But, my hair is sooo super thick! When I go without a relaxer for a long time, I can't do anything with it. It's way too thick. I need help.
However, It is healthy. I keep my ends trimmed, it's very full. It grows well. But I really want to stop getting relaxers.

FyrstPlayce said...
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KurlyQue said...

Honestly, hair being thick is everyone's excuse. I admit thick hair can be harder to manage, but if wanna try DO IT. I don't hate on relaxed hair, but natural hair is so beautiful to me. I love how we each have our own curl patterns and it makes us look so unique. Girl, help is all around. Start with my best friend Tania( gives great hair advice for all types of hair!!