Sunday, November 8, 2009

Happy Sunday

Hi guys,

I had my mind made up that I was going to make it to church this morning...FAIL. I stayed up to after 4am talking to my close friend and didn't wake up until after 11 this morning.

Lately, I have been extremely stressed with my financial issues. I'm prayin that I will make it through this trial very soon. I'm truly tryin my best.

I don't kno about u but I'm always drawin a blank when it comes to my next style. I kno it will be a protective style...I usually always style true to that. But other than Idk. Two weeks ago I randomly decided I would install yarn braids. I was inspired by yet another one of Black Onyx's tutorials style videos...check them out

I bought the products and started one braid....then I got lazy and didn't go through with it. I ended up doin my usual front braid back two strand twist style and I didn't like it one bit for some reason. I ended up retwisting the front a week ago. I did I twist out last night and I'm ready to wash it out already. So I'm definitely washing my hair tonight, but I don't know what I'm doin to my hair. Ugh its so frustrating. Well guys gotta go figure out what I'm doing to it.

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