Monday, August 31, 2009

Do you see what I see?

I'm writing this post out of concern for two ladies in my life. I don't want to put them on blast so I won't mention how I know them. Both of these women have extremely damaged hair. Damaged to the point where they prolly need to cut their hair down to about 2 inches of hair.

Situation 1: One of these ladies is transitioning. I'll call her Nu Hair becuz she has faithfully been rocking a wig during her transition lol. Anyways, this wknd I walked in her house and her hair was all over her head. Immediately, I saw that she had extreme extreme breakage that started from her hairline and reached about 3 inches back. The rest of her hair looks very sparse and seems like she's been loosing hair on a daily basis. She has been transitioning for about 7 months so she has about 2 inches of unrelaxed hair. I was really alarmed and asked what happened to her hair. I think it is a mixture of reasons. 1) Like many women, she does not take care of her hair. 2) Stress is a huge factor in her life at the moment. I asked her what was she going to do with her hair. She told me that she wants to get it flat ironed for her wedding anniversary. WHAT!!! Ur kidding me, right?

Situation 2: The second lady is about 21 years old and has hated getting her ends clipped all of her life. I will call her ponytail becuz she wears her hair in a ponytail about 97% of the time. I have been on her back about her hair, but she refused to get her ends clipped. Also, this girl is famous for going with an relaxer for at least 4 months at a time. See some women can do this..that is if they take care of their hair. She lacks knowledge about hair to the point that she didn't know that after your hair is "healthy" there is still a need to clip/dust your ends. So, I also saw this woman's hair this wknd. The middle of her hair is completely missing Nu Hair only her unrelaxed hair remains. She is considering waiting another year before thinking about relaxing(thumbs up). She asked me at least five times "how much of my hair will I need to get cut off" The thought in my mind was "Um hello, ur missing hair sweetie. U prolly will need to let all go."

Come one ladies. Can't you see that ur hair is trying to tell you something. I was talking to Tania and she made a comment that when some women look at their hair they must not really see what's there. IA 110%. It's like their too busy imagining what they want their hair to look like they can't open their eyes to see what's in the mirror.

I really feel for these ladies. Both of their partners are not supportive of the fact that they need to rock a twa or braids for a few months. One even commented "a lot of ladies can rock short hair but not my lady" How rude. These women have no support and are terrified of cutting their hair. And we all know that their are countless women out there with the same problem.

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