Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Fitness Confessions

My workout motivation sucks. I have so many holdups.

Number 1: I've always been petite and I've always cringed when ppl referred to me as "skinny." I've gain about 20 lbs since then and I really like it in certain areas but I know I need to be healthy. So I'm afraid that I will lose more than I would like to.

Number 2: I've always hated working out, but I know that if I do it more often I will enjoy it...but I have to actually get to that point.

Number 3: I'm always busy. I have yet to make a workout schedule and stick to it.

Yea, I know. These are all excuses for me to be lazy and unhealthy...it has to stop. I've been doing better and I've noticed that my stomach is already starting to shrink. I even feel smaller and better. I've never had horrible eating habits so that wasn't hard to break at all. I have been eating 3 times a day. I've also had this weird tendency all of my life. My friends laugh when they find out. So I get food in front of me and I eat. I always eat very slow and I get tired of chewing. This causes me to waste a lot of food, but that's a whole other story lol. Most importantly...I don't over eat or eat for no reason.

I've also added a lot more fruits and healthy foods to my meals. I often find myself bringing fruit and apples to work. Also, I've started using ACV in my daily routine. I will take measurements and give you more updates soon.

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