Friday, September 25, 2009

Sorry for the Delay

Hey Hey Hey

I feel like I have posted in forever. I will not make a habit of it. No matter how busy I am I should be able to take 5 minutes to make a post every now and then. I've been busy with school and applying for internships for the summer. School is going well, but the internships not so much.

I haven't even had time to wash my freaking hair. Yea, I know some ppl think its nasty, but when I was relaxed I always waited 3 weeks before I washed my hair. I even dc'd the other night(with my castor oil) without washing first. Last night, I french braided my hair and today I'll be doing the crochet braids that I've been talking about forever. I plan on keeping them for at least 3 weeks, so I prolly should have clarified and washed my hair first but o well. Don't think I'm gross lol. I made sure that I rinsed my hair very well in the shower. I'll post pics of the crochet braid process hopefully tomorrow.

My hair has been growing like a weed and I love it. I have about 1+ inches of new growth from when I attempted to color my hair in July. Also, over the course of the week I've been noticing how much my hair texture seems to be changing. Don't get me wrong I think it possible, but I honestly don't think my texture is changing. I do think however that as my hair is getting longing it is getting heavier and pulling more on my curls causing my curls to look looser. It was harder to detangle, but it I love new look.

Have a good weekend everyone. I plan to spend the how time studying and chilling on the couch. :)


Tania Laura said...

you're only going to leave the crochet braids in for 3wks?

KurlyQue said...

I wasn't really thinking about it I guess, but I saw folks said they left theirs in for 2 months. So I'm going for the stretch.