Thursday, July 23, 2009

Protective Style Addition

My sister is currently transitioning and discovered crochet braids on youtube. This style reminds me a lot a style I wore back in middle school. Basically I believe that its the same style but different type of weave used.

Anyways, right now I don't plain on using this as a style because of the summer heat, but as soon as the fall hits trust I will try.

I want to spice it up and try something like this

If you interested check out the youtube tutorials below:

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Tania Laura said...

I finally see what you were saying about this style lol....and the person I was talking about definitely didnt look like this when she did it hahaha. Anywhoo, I really like it and I think it would look nice on you. The first pic is really cute, but because of the front braids it might not last as long as the example in the video, but of course it depends on what you're going for. :-)