Friday, October 2, 2009

I'm really starting to think I have an issue

I swear to you if it not one issue it is truly another. Some of you know that I have been battling with my allergies all of my life. As far as I know these allergies include both outdoor and food. I have been faithfully taking a number of supplements to attempt to build up my immune system. Despite these efforts, I feel as though I have hit rock bottom. My body started to act as if I was sick, but in my mind I wasn't convinced. Once or twice I thought I might even had swine flu. Last Monday I decided to eat Salmon which is one of the few types of fish I know I'm not allergic to....SURPRISE had a bad reaction. I pulled out two different kinds of Benedryl and took double doses SURPRISE it didn't help much. Over the last few years, I've noticed that when I have allergic reactions my breathing gets out of my control and is a lot worse than when I was a child. So I curled up in a ball and tried to take a nap be for I marched off to work that night. Thankfully, my lungs cleared a little, but I didn't feel right. Issue over...nope. I went to the gym last Wed(I've been on a 2 wk hiatus) and within the first 5 min on the elliptical I was completely and utterly out of breath. This didn't even happen to me my first time back in the gym after a 2+ yr gap. I left immediately and couldn't catch my breathe until I made it all the way one. Then this Tuesday I was merely walking up one flight of stairs and boom couldn't breathe. I also have developed a nasty cough.

After a long debate and a horrible breathless night a work I went to the hospital. I received three breathing treatment and was given 60mg of Prednizone. I was told I seemed to be asthmatic and have been suffering from a broncospasm. The coughing was caused by this as well. So I could now breath but the steroid did not take well with me. I felt as if my heart was beating out of control and I was extremely nervous. The nurse assured me that it is a normal reaction to the drug. Even still, I'd rather not experience it again. Then when I arrived home boom insomnia hit me like a hard brick and my body tingled uncontrollably. This continued into the next day. Not ever again.

I now have a personal project. I am looking for a list of supplements I can take on a daily basis that will counteract my allergies and asthma issue. Currently, I'm taking Nature Bounty woman's multi, vitamin C, B-12, acidophilus, flax oil, and Allegra 180 mg. I am probably going to only keep the acidophilus and flax oil in my regime and add too those two. I would like to assemble a detox to rebuild my entire immune system. I'm convinced the FDA is working their hardest to weakened and kill us off.

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