Wednesday, October 21, 2009

One day at a time

My engine light finally went off Monday morning as I was leaving my honey's house(yea I know I prolly shouldn't be driving on the highway with my headache of a car). I helped a student Monday night when I could have been studying myself. Hopefully my kindness will pay off. I hopped in my car so I wouldn't be late for my second job and the fuel light pops on. I'm paranoid as all get out even tho normal cars last a good 20 mi after the light comes on mine doesn't. I drive all the way to work and stop at the closest gas station near my job and reach for my purse....hmm not there. I managed to drive all the way back to school to look for my purse...not there. Then all the way back to my house....yea found my purse. Drove down the street to the gas station and put in a meesly $10 praying it would last to pay day. Made it to work 30 min late.

As some as you know I had two schedule internship interviews this week. I had no clue how to wear my hair and I have no time to put in the style I want. I rocked a slick back pony that didn't slick back lol and a suit(so called sz 6) that belongs to my sissy(I'll remind you I now wear a nine...I didn't think that plan thru obviously). The interview#1 went well and I hope to hear good things from the company.

My engine light came back on yesterday. My body is starting to get worn out and I have no time to relax. I have a speech that I haven't prepared to give tomorrow and interview#2. I went on campus to study yesterday after work(10:30ish pm) even tho I was so tired. I attempted to work on one of my labs, but I was completely lost. Made it home about 2 and fixed my lunch for today.

Woke up this morning to my puppy running around the room playing loudly....I think she was up all night. Made time to eat cereal, yogurt, water and vitamins. I admit I feel more energized than usual. Even took some pics My prof just pushed back my exam next week since I have no clue what's going on. My group has a lab due tomorrow and I only have access to one building with computers with the proper software...the computers are used to about 5 for classes and the lab closes at 11 ugh.
Geez its only Wednesday!!

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