Saturday, May 29, 2010


Commenter said: u make me wanna go natural...I just don't like dealing with hair at all...n my hair is way 2 thick to not be idk, maybe I'll try after the summer

I say: There are so many things I can say to that. First, one of the most important things a person needs to have with natural hair is patience(or a lot of money if you want someone to do it for you all the time lol). So if u don't like dealing with hair and don't want to, being natural is really really hard. Second, when was the last time u've dealt with your natural hair? I don't mean that stage that ur hair is in right before ur go get another relaxer when the new growth is showing its face...or what ur hair was like as a child before ur first relaxer...or even what ur hair is like with a relaxer...basically u can't truly know what ur natural hair is like until after u have ur BC. Relaxers(or texturizers or texlaxs) can sometimes make the hair even harder to manage. Also, our hair changes over time, for example, my hair is NOTHING like it was when I was a child. No hair is too thick to be natural y do u think that?

Like many things in life u have to reach a breaking point where ur mind is made up. For me, it was a time that my relaxed hair was cool and no big hassle. The one thing that constantly bothered me was my hair seemed like it had been the same darn length for years. Spending money on relaxers every 9 weeks for what...I felt like I was paying money for my hair to look exactly the same as before...I was making no progress.

I adored natural styles on other ppl and one key thing was I didn't wish my hair was like theirs. Instead, I wanted to know what my hair would be like natural. Actually, seeing their hair made be think about how different my hair would be from theirs. I didn't care what texture I was going to have I was ready for anything. A friend of mine decided to stop relaxing and I jumped on the boat. I had no idea what I was doing but I researched my butt off and learned. No one from home was natural so I had no motivation up there...actually they motivated me to not be just like them haha. The natural girl I knew at school wore mostly semi-straight was cute but I didn't want to deal with putting heat on my hair all the time. My best friend's hair from my first school was awesome to me! She told me stories of how it took her 5 or so hours to achieve her styles, but oddly that didn't deter me. Her hair was very thick and coarse and beautiful.

My main point is try not to have preconceived ideas about what ur hair would be like. U have to be accepting to what the creator already decided. Have u already set and reached ur hair goal? Even if u decide to stay relaxed make sure ur taking care of ur hair. Happy Hair Growing.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Best Time to be Natural

U know it might just be me, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE being natural in the summer.

True story...two weeks ago during my trip to Florida me and my honey were walking to the grocery store. OMG it was hot and all I could think about was taking a cold shower when I got back to my hotel. The moment I opened the door I headed right to the shower. I completely rinsed my two strand twists with cold water and that was it. I couldn't have dreamed of that when I was relaxed.

On top of that, I can get in the pool or go to a waterpark as much as I want. I can do virtually anything that would be a pain for others and its a breeze for me. :)

I was debating what protective styles I would wear for the summer. I thought about weaving it up and doing crochet braids, sew ins, or sengalese twists. Then I thought long and hard about it. I do not want to be bothered with all that. If I keep my hair faithfully in two strand twists I can easily put my hair in a pony if my neck gets too hot. Plus I won't have to worry about a massive amount of heavy hair on top of my head. Yess!

I still trying to encourage my sister...oops I mean my friend to try it out. I have especially tried to suggest the easy carefree styles like puffs, but she's still resulting to her tired wig. Whatev Im giving up on that one.


Friday, May 21, 2010

Ready for the Sun

The spring semester is finally over but the summer semester has just begun...yay :( It seems all I can think about is warm weather...the warm weather that comes with summer and the warm weather that I will be living in after I get a great job after graduation next year. I'm speaking my future into existence. Even when I was a little girl, I got so excited when the summer season was near in Indiana. It seems we only get about a solid month of summer here and I hate it. I'm determined to have a career somewhere south of Indiana lol.

I had a great semester and I am very proud of myself. My hair is also doing pretty well. I have been sticking with low manipulation styles...its the way to go with me. The last time I washed my hair I decided I would do my version of a lazy prepoo and coat my hair with almond oil several hours before washing. I then used a random condish mixed with shampoo(I'm trying to use up everything I have in my closet). I also am using the tip of my bff and now using castor oil added to my dc. The result? Greatness. My hair had such a glow to it and stayed moisturized for days. I should be washing it this wknd so I will let you know if it had the same effect again.

I almost forgot. Some of you know I live by ACV. I ingest it for my acid reflux and asthma issues. Apply it to my skin for my severe eczema. I clarify my hair with it. Now I even pour a little in my dog's water and it gives her a shiny coat. She had a nasty, huge hot spot and it seemed like no over the counter methods helped. The vet urged that I come broke so it wasn't an option. I began to dilute the ACV with water and apply it to the sore several times a day. Problem solved. She left the spot alone and it healed quickly. Lastly, my sister started using diluted ACV on my two year nephew. I just got a report that his eczema is 95% gone. It's great I tell u.