Friday, September 11, 2009

Ugh stress is back in full attack

I know that personally I can not handle large amounts of stress well when I am in school. I can not control my financial issues in the way that I'd like since I go to school full time and I work a low paying job, so I have grab the rest of my stressors by the reins. For this reason, the past couple of semesters I made a creed to myself I would not partake in any drama and it worked. This prolly worked mainly becuz one semester I was dating someone that acted like I was her number 1 priority the majority of the time. The next semester I chose to seclude myself from anything serious and knocked all distractions to the side.

This semester I can only pray that I can manage the stress. Money issues are getting better Thank God, but the drama is here. My boyfriend is not helping at allll. I love him to death, and I honestly believe that we will work out. He is sooo difficult yet so simple. My biggest irritation with him is he acts as if he is a mute sometimes. I will ask him straight out "answer me yes or no" and he will just sit there. I hope you can imagine how irritating this is. I first debated if I would talk about this on here, but heck y not. There is about a 2% chance of him reading this blog. I always find myself waiting for his next move and I know he's secretly loving every moment of it. I know that most ppl would tell me to break up with him I can do better, but its really not that easy. I truly love this man and I know he can really make me happy. I almost think this relationship is banking on the fact if I can bare long enough for him to grow the hell up.

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FyrstPlayce said...

I know how u feel. I hate dealing with stressful situations as well bcuz they seem to throw u all of track. Especially when someone close to you (like your boyfriend) is adding to the stress.
I say, stop focuzing so much on his actions (or at least pretend to not focus on them). Once he realizes that you're doing your own thing and not bothered by things like his "muteness", the tables will turn. I think he'll start to realize that he could possibly be losing you, and start straightening up. may work. I've just learned from past experiences that once u act like u don't care anymore, they start to act right.
Good luck with everything. And try not to let minor situations stress u out. U don't want it to start affecting your school work and stuff.