Monday, August 10, 2009

It's School Time Again

In 2004, I would have thought I would have graduated from undergrad by now, but unfortunately I haven't. The fact that I've been in school for almost 6 years and others were able to graduate in under 4 makes me a tad bit jealous I admit. I was trying to make sure I don't overload myself by taking more than 15 credit hours a semester, but now I'm saying what the heck. I'm trying to get out of school and don't ever wanna go back(I know that I'll eventually go to grad school if I can't help it). I already know this semester is going to be crazy..I'm taking 18 hours and working two jobs. Well a sista has to do what she has to do. Imma keep my faith strong and stay focused studying and I know I will make it through.


Anonymous said...

You can do it!! I remember my last semester in school, I took like 21 credit hours at my school, 8 at another school, and worked like 25 hours a week, it was tough, but I had to get out of there. And, everything I had going on made the semester go by faster than normal.

serene123 said...

I understand the thing with school. I don't know how long I have left to go but I hope it's soon,

KurlyQue said...

Yea its tough and I'm starting to get exhausted from all the work.

@relationshipspot how did you end up doing ur last semester?

@serene123 have you been in school for long?