Monday, August 3, 2009

It's time for something new

As I reported a couple weeks ago, I was going to attempt to step away from the puff. Have I? Um...not really. I will admit I haven't been wearing them tight so my hairline won't pay the cost. And I have been switching up the position almost daily.

Of course I have made excuses of y I've been sticking to the puff and I'm happy that at least I know they are just that...excuses. My number one: is this summer I have been ridiculously busy...not with events unfortunately but from working so much. Number two: well you know I've been trying to color my I didn't want to do a protective style that I would have to take right back down becuz I wanted to color it.

So here I am...still no color and my hair is still in a puff. Wanna no y? Remember when I said I was going to let a stylist do my hair. Well that stylist was an older cousin that I don't know very well. I made an appt with her and everything. That was until she texted me that she was going to charge me 65 smackers for some color. WTF!!! I have never and will never pay that much to get my hair done(besides braids). Hopefully I've finally found someone to help me color it(one of the city bus drivers).

In other news, I have been secretly searching for a new DC. I ran out of my ORS that I usually mix with 2 eggs. The last time I DC'd as suggested by my bf Tania
I mixed a cheap conditioner w/ essential oils. My sis has been using during her transition. I saw it at Walmart this wknd so I thought...hmm y not. I plan DCin, coloring, and during a protective style this week. We shall see how it goes.

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