Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Slightly a change of mind

So, I prolly won't entirely eliminate natural hair sites and blogs from my life. Despite the awful distaste that they put in my mouth this week, I find it extremely helpful(when it comes to talking about have healthy nappy(reminder I absolutely hate that word and am using it to be sarcastic) hair). Although, I plan to slow down my visits and posts I will stay and I plan to post a thread on on both Nappturality and BlackHairMedia. Honestly, lashing out at innocent ppl is not every called for and I'm always up for helping create a meaningful eyeopener. I don't like drama in my own personal life, so y on earth would I stand for it when I visit hair sites with ppl I don't even kno.

For years, I've heard of some many women electing India Arie's "I am not my hair" as their anthem and I've always disagreed. When I decided to become natural it became my life. It was such a wonderful experience so to me it was an honor to say "My hair represents who I am." I am a young, independent, petite, dark skinned, tenderhearted woman. I am unique and I feel that the hair that God decided to grow out of my hair fits me perfectly. Despite, how true this has been for me I guess I really am not my hair...I am sooo much more.

My best friend, Tania(I hope she reads this lol) is always encouraging me and giving me great advice. She has been an open educational source all the way through my transition up til now and she is not 100% natural. We can be positive and supportive to other woman of color no matter what they decide to do to their hair. As mentioned so many woman use natural hair sites for guidance because may not have a Tania :) or don't know how to take care of their hair so I won't discourage them from visiting the sites that I named before. For the same reason, we really need a open hair(that caters to natural individuals) site in which woman will not pounce on someone for choosing a kiddy perm, because they didn't have the time to detangle their hair for 5 hours every two weeks. I know in the recent years there have been a number of sites going up but I wish they would reach all over the world.


Jc said...

I'm happy you are going to stay. Just as a note of caution, be aware that if you do post about this issue, drama will come your way, however if you feel strongly about it, then do ahead.

I think the best advice for a peaceful forum blog experience is don't post or comment unless

1. It is a compliment
2. You feel strongly about the issue

All the best!

Anonymous said...

That's exactly why I stopped visiting those sites, people have a right to wear their hair the way they want to.