Tuesday, January 27, 2009

So easily distracted

So, if you noticed I have really been falling by the waist side with this natural journey thing as a whole. I've been seeing so many blogs from individuals feeling the same way. I mean its hard keeping up with school, a social life, a relationship, a health in general. I started off so strong and I'm determined to continue.
I refuse to let myself get distracted with school, my relationship is great, and my hair is still looking pretty good.
I did notice a few flakes for the first time since my BC ughhh, but hopefully its not suffering horribly from my neglect. I still have been keeping up with my biweekly DC, so imma pat myself on my back for that. And I have been protective styling it up, although I find when I spend nights with my boyfriend I forget to wear my bonnet.

It may look like I've been wearing my hair free alot but I def haven't. I only wear twistouts for a max of one day.

Missing 16-year-old girl

If any of you live in NYC or within the Tri-State area, please spread the word about this missing young girl. The video at the link below will give you pics and all the details surrounding her disappearance. Please keep the family in your prayers and let's hope that she will come back safe and sound. Thank you.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My President's Inauguration

In case you missed it like I did, visit the following link:

President Obama's Full Inauguration Speech

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Hair Challenge Revised

I'm now participating in the 100 day challenge mentioned on Natural-Belle's blog

I am starting today Jan 11 and let's see I'll continue until at least April 20

The rules are as follows:

Thou shalt not comb or brush thy hair more than once a week.

Thou shalt keep thy hair in protective styles at all times.(Protective styles are styles that require no combing and/or do not touch your neck.)

Thou shalt not use heat on thy hair.

Thou shalt not dye thy hair.

Thou shalt deep condition thy hair regularly.

Thou shalt moisturize everyday.

Thou shalt spray Leave-in on ends once per week. (I advise doing this after a wash)

Thou shalt cover thy hair with a satin scarf every night to keep the moisture locked in.
Thou shalt eat as healthily as possible and drink 8 glasses(64 oz; 4 bottles) of water per day.

Thou shalt love thy hair enough to take the time out to keep it healthy and beautiful.
rules by the lovely keep it kinky:)

I will attempt to make weekly updates

Deep Conditioning Challenge 2009

Well well well...it's already Jan 11 and I can't believe it. I must admit that I have been abandoning my staple hair sites and my blog. I have been busy driving back and forth on the highway visiting family and my boyfriend.

Anyways, I'm challenging myself dc every two weeks until the end of the year. My first dc for the year was Jan 2. Here is a pic with no products after my dc.

I used Silk Elements

And I am currently at collar bone length

I'm excited and I believe this is going to be a great year.