Monday, January 31, 2011

Am I allergic to working out?

By now you may think that I'm a hypochondriac and it's possible that I am lol. Sorry this post is so long, but I know I'm not the only person this is happening to so I want to make sure I explain what's happening thoroughly.

I decided that I will once again try to get in shape. I feel like I'm always hitting a wall that I don't have control over everytime I start working out.

In 2009, when the fall semester started I did pretty good for a while. Then I noticed I was having trouble breathing after working out and also when I was faced with drastic temperatures changes(when going from indoors to outdoors). Up until that point my doctors always told me that while I suffer from both food/atmospheric allergies and eczema I did not have asthma. Well...I ended up in the ER in desperate need of a few breathing treatments, given an inhaler, and prescribed Singular. All this put my workouts on hold(more like a long time break). Last September, I tried working out again then I gave it up to give support to my friend and new born baby.

So here I am...its January and I started working out again. I joined the group workout sessions on campus in hope that I would be more motivated. This time I love the sessions. However, when I do cardio immediately following the inside of my nose burns like hell, I start sneezing like I just stuck my nose in pepper, then eventually all the drainage give me a sore throat. My first thought was that it was my allergies, but what kind only flares up after a workout. The first couple of times after blowing my nose and sniffing all night I was good as new the next morning. However, this past Wednesday it got progressively worse so I laid off the workouts and did a little research. By Friday night, my body was sore, more throat felt a little swollen, and I began to have a congested cough. I really could find anything but suggestions to take ACV for rhinitis, sinuses, and asthma so I started back drinking it. I also grabbed some off-brand Emergen-C and I felt better everyday. This morning I drank my usual ACV and attended a Turbo Kick workout this afternoon...once again the inside of my nose is burning and my nose is running like a faucet. Ugh!!!!

I did more research and it seems that exercising are inducing my allergies....see told u I'm allergic to working out haha. Now I know what's wrong, but I don't know how to solve it. I don't want to add more allergy meds to my life so I'm looking for a natural remedy. ACV helps with a lot of my issues, but I don't think its strong enough to deal with this allergic reaction. For now, I will up my water intact(aiming for 2 qts a day), continue my ACV and Emergen-C, try to remember my three a day Flaxseed pills(I can't take Omega-3 since most are derived from fish oil), plus my Singular and Allegra whew!!! Ideally, I would like to opt the allergy prescriptions, but I don't know how. Right now it's too much!!