Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Video of the Day

Artist: Goapele
Song: First Love

I love this song

Plz No More Frizz

So yesterday I officially experienced my first episode of frizz. I'm not saying that my hair is so great that it never frizzing up or anything but I've never thought twice about it. When I read articles about it I just glance over it and think "o don't need to worry about that" Every since my BC my hair has behaved very well. I do my hair in the morning and I don't like it I move on to the next idea. The style last to the wee hours of the night around 98% of the time but yesterday was a whole other story. It was rainy and gloomy all day with a temp of about hi 50's. I decided I was going to wear my hair in a hump in the front and through the back in a puff. In the morning I usually slick my hair down with Long Aid gel activator and Cantu Leave-In. Well I didn't see my hair until it was time to go to a formal banquet which started at 6pm. Boi did my hair look tore up. I am going to have to invest in a couple frizz control products.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Video of the Day

Artist: Anjulie
Song: Boom

I'm really feeling this song.

Y is my back killin' me?

This weekend was incredibly crazy because everyone campus was partying hard. I normally do not join in with the festivities but I decided "y not?" I had a great time, but when I woke up Sunday morning my back ached horribly. I could not pin point what could have caused this pain. I don't remember falling or being involved in anything painful lol. I pondered on the reason all yesterday but could not figure it out. Finally, this morning after I woke up I set up straight to stretched and my back cracked several times(a lot more than normal). It instantly felt better and that's when it hit me. I'm a huge sloucher and I'm not proud of it. I never really pay attention to it until I see a picture that I have taken and I look horrible. Well, over the last couple of months I am getting more and more chest heavy. Since, I have a pretty small frame this may be a good look for me, but it has made my slouching even worse. I never noticed how much it has been weighing me down lately. So I'm going to try to working on my posture and hopefully this will help.

Friday, April 24, 2009

I'm drawing a blank with styles

So shortly after I BC'd winter was around the corner and I made big plans for protective styles. That's exactly what I did...I religiously wore two strand twists for about 8 months. I was able to retain so much length during this time which makes me soooo excited. My twists usually consist of flat twists in the front and two strand twists in the back. I get tons of compliments on it and after time I loved how they look on me. Before April of this year, on really warm days and or sometimes that day before a wash I wore my hair in a high puff. I also love this style on me, but if you know me I hate repetition. I like to constantly do something new. Even as a child when get something new and play with it for a week max and move on to something else.

So here is where the problem comes in. At nighttime I faithfully wear a bonnet(Mon-Fri) but recently I noticed that my hair is beginning to peak out the side because my hair is getting so long. It's sorta irritating because I don't feel like braiding my hair EVERY NIGHT before I got to sleep just to wake up in the morning and style it again. I love long hair and don't get me wrong I'm truly happy about my my length what should I do? I want to try something new. I refuse to were my hair in a protective style 98% of the time in the summer too. I purchased some combs so I could try a frohawk. Did it work for me.... of course not. I also tried wearing my hair in a lil bang thing (I'll try to post a pic) with a puff in the back. It's a really cute style but it only works for me on wash day. Lately I've been seeing folks do bantu knot outs in their hair and looks GREAT but I don't think my hair is long enough yet.

I'm def not bored or thinkin about doin anything drastic but I needs some more ideas. Can anyone give me any tips on how to do a frohawk?

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Video of the Day

Artist: Electrik Red
Song: So Good

Yay a natural! That's nice to see.

Unrefined Shea Butter Search

It's that time again for me to purchase more shea butter. The first time that I bought it I got it from Butters-N-Bars. I can't complain. I believe I paid around $13(tax and shipping included) for 1lb of unrefined shea butter and that was great. It was a good quality shea butter and came in two convenient containers. Well, it's pretty much gone now. I visited the site again and now the same product is $8 alone + shipping is $9.95. I don't know about you but I think that is really expensive. My mom found 8oz of shea butter at a local beauty supply for around $5. I'm really tempted to give up on the site and buy the kind my mother got. My only worry is what if its old and dried out?

Please tell me if you have found a site that isn't involved in mass production and is pretty cheap.

I would love a response.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Video Of the Day

Artist: Keri Hilson
Song: Knock U Down

Nite Hair Care Slacking

So, several months ago I posted that I had been slacking with my night hair care. Well, I still am. Normally during the week I'm pretty good at wearing a bonnet at night, but my hair care during the wknd is inexcusable. I think that my problem is when I wear my bonnet I think I am not sexy for the night. I don't want to be around my boyfriend like that. He's neva said anything about it, but I know if I was him I would want to rip it off my head when I was sleeping. Also, my fro is starting to get enormous so I can't wear a satin scarf anymore at night. I have to either deal with the fact that he is going to see me with a bonnet on a regular or find something prettier to wear.


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

What style next?

Last night, I clipped my ends again for the second time this year. I put my hair in two strand twists and clipped my ends at an angle. I have been wanting to do it for a while, but I was advised that I should wait until spring broke. My ends really needed it and they feel so much better now. Usually when I plan my plans seem to never work out the way that I planned lol. For example, I wanted to straighten my hair two weeks ago but of course it didn't come out right. My ends seemed really rough every time I straighten a section. So I twisted the front and wore it that was for a couple of days.

Now, I would like to put more kinky twists in my hair but something keeps telling me wait. I only have about two weeks of school left and will only be making myself more stressed out if I add more tasks to my plate.

Idk what style I will do the moment I'm drawing a blank.

Friday, April 10, 2009

My sis needs your help with transitioning

So my big sis called me a couple of weeks ago and told me that she is thinking about getting away from the creamy crack. I was so happy that at least one of my family members besides me has the desire to. Her problem is that she has never really took care of her own hair. Me, my sis, and my mama have always religiously got our hair styled at the salon. Since transitioning isn't something that most hairdressers are willing to hold their clients hands thru...she has to do this all on her own. Believe me when I tell you that she doesn't know where to start. Her main concern right now is what styles should she rock.

Well, here is a little background on her. Doesn't look a day over 21 but is in her late 20's so I don't think she will be willing to do "young looking" styles. Her hair is about a 4c I would guess and it rests slightly passed her shoulders. Her son is 2.5 so she can't spend 5 hrs doing her hair like some of us can. Please guys she needs you.

Friday, April 3, 2009

My natural curls

Yesterday, I was at practice for a campus gospel group that I'm in and a girl comes up to me and goes, "How did you get your hair like that?" Honestly, I kne exactly what she meant what I wanted so bad to play along. So I responded, "What do you mean?" She says, "Like that...cute...those curls." I probably should have told you how my hair is right now. Well, after having my hair in micro twists for two entire weeks I finally took them out. You probably think my hair is in a twist out, since I haven't washed it yet and that would make total sense....if my hair was anything close to normal. Well it's not. No matter what I do to my hair it always reverts back to my 3c/4a curls. I guess most ppl would be bothered by that but I love it. I wouldn't give my curls up for anything. :)

Hmm should I wear my hair straight for a change?

So it has been 10 months since heat(blow dryer, flat iron, pressing comb) has touched this hair. First my ex asked for me to get my hair straighten and I refused. Then last year I said I would get my hair flat ironed for my birthday(Feb 15, 2009), then decided not to. I mean I know I'm probably tripping about avoiding heat for 10 months, but I mean heck I've worked really hard for my hair. I've retained at least 7-9 inches of hair since my B.C. My hair is healthier than eva and my retention is amazing. All that aside, I'm sure it will be fine if I put heat on my hair every distinct blue moon.

With that said tomorrow I plan to do the following:

* Pre-poo w/ coconut oil and cheap poo. I have practice in the morning so I will apply this before I leave and probably leave it in for at least 5hrs.

*Clarify w/ ACV and V05 poo in the shower

*One wash w/ base poo(diluted castile soap, evoo & aloe vera juice)

*One wash w/ Coconut Milk by Organix and condish. I usually put both in my hand and rub it in my entire head

*Condish w/ ORS replenishing conditioner mix w/ one egg then baggy for 15 under hooded dryer(on medium heat)

*Apply heat protective serum and my moisturizer

*Blow dry on cool

*Apply serum again and flat iron in small sections

*After apply a lil castor and jojoba oil I will wrap my hair and sit for about 15 more min under dryer.

Geezzz...this sounds like alot but I'm sure it will be a fun process. I hope this will last for 2 weeks(I'll keep my fingers are crossed).