Monday, December 22, 2008

Tips for Newbies(Recent BCers)

Basically, I was writing a friend from school and the facebook note started to get kinda long. She was transitioning for I think around a year. Her finally transition style was a sewin. When she took hair wasn't what she expected. Boy do I know the feeling.

I know that during the end of my transition I bought alot of products and still have not used them. I don't advise it. I wish now that I would have figured out my hair type and read product reviews for girls like me. Here are some things and some tips to ponder on.

Think about health of your hair. What does it look like right now? Feel free to ask questions. There are so many naturals all around that will be willing to listen and give your feedback.

~*1*~ Did you BC(Big Chop) and immediately after get your hair braided or twisted up? If so, you haven't really seen and learned your new natural hair.

Congrats to the ladies who get major growth from weave protective styles cuz child they just don't work for me.

If you have had your braids in for 2+ months or close you might what to take them out to see if your hair is growing in the way you anticipated.

~*2*~Don't become a product junkie just because your curious. I know it's hard but in the long run your bound to have wasted money on stuff u didn't need in the first place. *Look at product reviews first*

~*3*~ Treat your hair like a delicate piece of's old and should be handled with care
*When washing or cowashing your hair it's important to remember your goal is not to have your hands all in your head with a head full of suds. Keep your shampoo use and a minimum...your hair doesn't need to be squeaky clean like a dirty shirt.
*Try to only detangle(With a wide tooth comb or denman brush) your hair when its wet with a moisturizer or conditioner. Comb from the ends up and the smallest sections as possible. You will get less tangles that way. Try to finger comb instead when possible.

~*4*~ Try to keep manipulation to bare minimum you will reap the benefits later.

~*5*~ Your hair is not the same as anyone else's. Embrace it...don't wish it was different.

Again...please ask if you wanna know something and can't find the answer. We're in this thing together. Happy Holidays and be blessed.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Monday, December 15, 2008

Yes Success!! I tried something new and absolutely loved it. Last week I went looking for Bentonite Clay to no avail...I go to school in the middle Hickville, Indiana (Knowing how this place is that probably is the name of a real town here) and I can't find unique products. I think I will purchase some over the break. Well, I stopped by CVS and bought some Dr. Miracle Deep Conditioner. So here what I did in my process:

*Coated my hair with ACV and Baking soda
*Shampooed with Tea Tree Milk by Organix
*Condished with Dr. Miracle and my pre-poo (I love it so much I think I will use it as my main conditioner
*Sectioned my hair in four parts with rubber bands
*Coated and detangled each section
*Washed it out

I was supposed to leave in the conditioner for 30min since I didn't have a hooded dryer, but I only left it in long enough to detangle my whole head. My hair turned out GREAT! It was so full of life.

I then moisturized w/:
*Shea butter
*My bff's mother's grow creme

My old roommate saw my wet hair was so impressed(and secretly envious). We haven't had a perm for about the same time and my hair is longer and healthy.

Anyways...this is finals week so I need to keep studying. God Bless all the students for finals.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

No not again..effects or stress

Well, I've been so happy because I haven't been stressing as much as normal. I'm usually tripping about life on a day to day basis with no time to take a fresh breath of air.

Ugh, its coming back again. The last time this happened I lost tons of hair and had serious breakage. And always had headaches. No not again. I can't let this happen. This time its not so much from the stress of school and money. I'm still struggling with money, but my personal relationship is really starting to make me question myself and life...A LOT. I know that he loves me...but the fact that he isn't very verbal or affectionate is starting to do something with my nerves.

My headaches have returned in full blown(particularly right above my left eye) and I refuse to let my hair suffer. This weekend is going to consist of some serious TLC.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

End of the Semester Wishes

So, I don't know about you all but I have two weeks of school left and things have been truly chaotic. I'm praying that my grades reflect my effort that I've put forth this semester.

I'm hoping that these next couple of weeks I continue to care for my hair as I've since my BC. I would hate for it to become a mess because I'm so terribly busy and stressed.

I've been getting a lot of compliments on my hair and it's made me feel so good. I've had individuals ask me to do their hair...I didn't think I had a talent. Also, the females on my paternal side of the family had a get together on Black Friday and it was great. It turns out that at least 5 members of my family has natural hair and I didn't even know. They been hiding it for years under wigs and I was so so surprised. I hope that I can be a large enough encouragement for them begin to wear their hair out.

My last wish is that I'm looking forward to finding some additional or replacing my shampoo and conditioner so I'll be working on this also.

Video of the Day

Artist: Brandy
Song: Long Distance

I'm going through a long distance MESS right now so this song really means something to me.