Monday, October 19, 2009

I'm extra busy

As you may understand, I am extremely busy. I feel like I practically have no time to turn in a circle let alone participate my extracurricular activities(i.e. blogging and catching up with my unwatched shows stacking up on my dvr). I can leave without t.v. but I love bloggingg and I really miss it. Imma figure something out...I'm determined.

If u know me at all u know that I hate to keep my hair in styles for long periods of time. I know I could have easily worn my crochet braids for a good two mths but that ain't me lol. I took my 1 mth old crochet braids out on Friday while I was was practically on my way out the door. My hun asked me with a confused face "so we're about to leave?" I responded "yea, this will just take a second" I was making the time estimation up and he knew it lol. To both of ur surprise it really did only take a few minutes. I plan to do put two strand twists in my hair any day now but who knows when I'll actually be able to do it. This week I have two internship interviews(whowhoo), three labs to finish, and a speech to take care of :( So at the moment I'm trying to think of a quick/easy/fabulous way to do my hair for my interviews. Please give suggestions!!! I can afford to do maybe a 20 max style for my interview tomorrow. I know that prettydimples has some quick/fabulous styles but their never easy for me.

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