Wednesday, November 25, 2009

It gets old fast

Ever since I was very small I could never keep my focus on anything very long. To make it plain, everything usually gets old pretty fast. I would get something new and after a few days or maybe a week if someone even asked me where I had it last I couldn't tell u. I'm 23 now and I still have this issue. This could even be the reason y I keep "forgetting" to write blog posts lol. Anyways, it gets extremely bad with hair styles. I can keep a style for three weeks max. Its pretty sad. I try to stretch but by the third week I'm telling myself that it needs to come out. I always seem to pick the worse times to take my hair styles down too. I decided I wanted to take my crochet braids down last night at about 11pm even tho I knew I would be too tired to wash it and that I had to be at work today at 8. So now I'm sitting here with a dirty head of hair a day before Thanksgiving. Plus, I plan to drive up north my mom's house tonight. Ugh.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Getting ready for the sales?

I know I’ve personally looked forward to Black Friday every year for many years. It's so much fun watching all the hustle and bustle. I usually go to my sister's after visiting(and eating) at everyone and everybody homes we could fit in on Thanksgiving Day. But last year our fun came to a halt. Unfortunately, it was a cold night and my sister had my small nephew and my brother in law was on his way to work. We decided it wouldn't be a good choice to head out in the madness of Black Friday at 5am. We all know it can be very dangerous. We need a way keep up with the sales we want without the hassle of hitting the streets. This new shopping comparison site let's you do just that. is great! You can search for product deals for anything you want and see what hot deals are available. Wanna know what your friends and family want for Christmas...done. You can link up FB account with FreshDeals and see find out what products they've been checking out from the site. Keep up with the lastest sales and buy what you need at the same time. Happy shopping.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Happy Sunday

Hi guys,

I had my mind made up that I was going to make it to church this morning...FAIL. I stayed up to after 4am talking to my close friend and didn't wake up until after 11 this morning.

Lately, I have been extremely stressed with my financial issues. I'm prayin that I will make it through this trial very soon. I'm truly tryin my best.

I don't kno about u but I'm always drawin a blank when it comes to my next style. I kno it will be a protective style...I usually always style true to that. But other than Idk. Two weeks ago I randomly decided I would install yarn braids. I was inspired by yet another one of Black Onyx's tutorials style videos...check them out

I bought the products and started one braid....then I got lazy and didn't go through with it. I ended up doin my usual front braid back two strand twist style and I didn't like it one bit for some reason. I ended up retwisting the front a week ago. I did I twist out last night and I'm ready to wash it out already. So I'm definitely washing my hair tonight, but I don't know what I'm doin to my hair. Ugh its so frustrating. Well guys gotta go figure out what I'm doing to it.

Monday, November 2, 2009

A Budget Just For Me

As many of you know I'm a broke college student. Some ppl ask me "girl y do u have to work so much?" And my answer is always "I have to pay bills." I don't know about yall but I'm sooo tired always being broke. Some suggest that I make a my mind I tell myself there's no use becuz I barely buy anything for myself and everything else goes to bills. This is very true for the most part I only buy clothes when I absolutely need them(this usually involves a marked down pieced clothing never name brand), I don't eat out very much, I do my own hair(& make most of my own products). I have to admit there are other spending that I'm having a hard time cutting down on like my boyfriend.

I'm starting to see I could save a tank of gas every week by not driving to see him. I could stop getting Netflix since that 14.97 wasted most of the time since movies tend to lay on the table for wks at a time without being watched. The few Starbucks drinks I buy could be cut out(about <2 a mth). But is that really enough? I honestly don't think so which makes me stress out even more. I don't do anything(clubs, malls, movies nada). I barely go and I do mean barely. I fl like I'm going to go crazy if I cut anything else out. That trip to my boyfriend's makes my week and I look forward to it frm the moment I'm kissing him goodbye. I've convinced myself 4 my pocket and my old car's sake I will only visit him every other week. Maybe this is a start maybe it isn't.

Also, I was watching "Singletary Says" on the TV One channel this morning when I woke up and although I thought the show was corny she made some really good pts. She suggested putting a pc of ur check in savings every paycheck no matter how small it is. This is prolly commmon sense to most of u but as I was growing up I was never taught how to save. If I make sure I always put that money aside and try hard not to touch it will truly make a difference. So I started today. Wish me the best.