Friday, September 11, 2009

Low Maintanance High Results

As I've mentioned several times before I try to be religious protective styler. It does get a little boring sometimes, but heck its worth it. I've always wanted to find a low-maintenance style that would help me achieve my hair length goal. I don't talk about my length goal much, becuz its not really important to me.

My whole regime is low-maintenance. One thing I do which a lot of ppl don't get is I do not use combs(Except to part very small sections) or brushes. All of my detangling is done with my fingers. I normally detangle with my dc. This usually is around every two weeks when my hair is worn in protective style. When I'm wearing my hair out I detangle once a wk with a condish. When I talk to ppl about this they feel "well I wouldn't be able to get away with that with my hair." My response to that is at least try it out. The reason that I am so anti-combs/brushes is becuz I absolutely hate seeing my hair come out in locs of hair. When I finger comb, I've noticed I have about 70% less hair in my drain after I wash. Also, I hate hate the sound of the comb/brush yanking at my curls(this is the exact reason I returned my Denman the same wknd I got it).

I decided to take part in the Castor Oil challenge. If you haven't heard peep it out

Honestly I don't desire my hair to be any thicker, but I think I will reap many other benefits like healthy and stronger hair.

And I can't forget about my protective styling. I intend to wear my hair in two strand twist mainly, but depending on how much I like the crochet braid I plan on trying I may alternative. Y'all I've been practicing my cornrowing styles. Also, I've acquire a good habit for myself. Becuz of my lack of free time I will often style my hair in halves. Like this:
I wore my hair like this for a few days.

Then finished the rest:
I plan on having stretched arm pit length hair by May 11, 2010. Right now my hair is slightly passed collar bone length stretched. HHG!!

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