Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Yay Twist Out Success...Well Sorta

If you know anything about my hair...u know it does exactly what it wants to do. After I BC'd I was introduced to a head of hair that I had never met before lol. It was stubborn but darn pretty. I love every inch of it...well I've learn to love it.

I often joke about not being about to do a twist out because they normally look like

which looks much like


which is just a wash n go. Because I like the 2nd pic more I normally don't wear twist outs.

Lately, I've been noticing a lot more knots on my ends and suspicious breakage areas so I need to add something to my regime. After looking at Beautifulbrwnbabydol's regime video I thought...hey I should try doing 2strand twists at night.

So I did and I used
And my 2nd day hair turned out as follows:

I'm satisfied lol


Tania Laura said...

where is your breakage? when i was completely natural and wore my hair in a puff, i noticed breakage from pulling my hair too tight...which might explain your migraines too. as for the knots on the ends, that might be shedding hair that has worked its way down. i wouldn't be too worried about it, but if it makes you feel better you could do a protein treatment and a deep condition for the next couple weeks and see what happens. overall though, just concentrate on thickness and moisture, you'll be good. your hair is definitely retaining length because you've only been natural a year and you have a lot of hair now lol.

KurlyQue said...

I'm guilty from pulling to tight. I love my puffs tight idk y lol. Luckily I haven't suffered any noticeable breakage, but I know with the way I pull on my hair I should be. I'm stilllearning how to master a puff that doesn't pull to tight. So far even when I think it isn't tight I realize 20 min late that it actually is. I will definitely use ur advice as I always do :)

Alicia said...

I think I may have found my hair twin! Your curls are gorgeous by the way.

I love my puffs tight too, but my edges have paid for it! You should try to wear a twist-out down/out with jus a head band. Why do you always pull your hair up in a puff?

KurlyQue said...

Great Alicia. I would love to see your pics. At the moment, I don't have any headbands, but I guess I can improvise and use a scarf instead. Oh, I didn't normally wear puffs. I was wearing protective styles from Sept 08 til May 09. For the summer I haven't had much free time and I wanted to have more fun with my hair so wearing puffs have been cute and convenient. Can't wait to see your hair.