Monday, August 3, 2009

Past Due: Toning Up

In the last recent months, I've stressed by desire to get my body together. I have fell off the wagon quite a few times. I started by jogging a couple times a week and had to scratch from my schedule becuz I had to get a second job. So I have been itching to get a workout in, but couldn't figure out a plan. I finally figured I could fit a workout in between my jobs even though I am stretching myself really thin. Last week I was able to get 3 1.5hr workouts in. My body was so sore but it made be feel good at the same times.

Part of the reason I am weary of working out to much is becuz my honey is one of those Black men who love sisters with big booties and thighs. When I started to gain weight he noticed my lil bump was growing nicely(in his eyes). I fear that if I get in shape I will be shaped like a string bean. My health is more important than his lustful wants. He loved me when I was super skinny so he'll love me now too.

Once I get over these worries there will be no turning back.

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