Monday, September 28, 2009

Weekend Cap

I hope everyone had a great wknd...I know I did. Recently, I've been mentioning that trouble has been arising with my honey. Either I'm going crazy or he is really turning around. Some feel I'm wasting time and money by going out my way to visit him every wknd and I admit sometimes I feel like that. Other times I keep reminding myself that he is still one the first best friends I've ever had and I truly enjoy spending time with him. Our lifetimes are limited and heck we only live once.

With that being said I was damn near surprised how smooth my wknd went. Over a month ago I decided that I would take my friends suggestions and play games with the boy's mind. I hate playing games, but its working so I ain't complaining. One evident fault that I continuously see ppl make is going back on their word. It may seem small at times, but my model is "if your not really going to do it don't waste ur breath saying it." It results in disappointment and the ppl ur trying to prove a point to stop taking u seriously. I'm trying my best to keep this thought in my mind becuz right at this point several ppl in my life are hitting a wall face first(repetitively). My question for them is "for what?" If you just want to have fun, then u wouldn't even let words come out ur mouth like "I'm calling the police if you don't leave" and then the next day ur having sex with the person in the house u told them to leave. This may seem like common sense to u, but in the heat of the moment ppl really have difficulty with these things.

Anyways my point is I made straight forward restrictions for myself and I've stuck with them. In return, me and my honey had several nice conversations this wknd. He was able to open up about a lot of things that have been hard for him for so many years. He was more compassionate and understanding than he usually is. And we listened to each other. He's starting to notice that I do have other options, so he needs to either step up or step out.

As I was on my way to work this morning, FB statuses notified me that the weather is not looking to hot in the Chicagoland and NW Indiana area. Of course, my family didn't call to let me know if they were taking precautions or anything. My mother was still knocked out when I called and didn't have any clue that a storm is coming. Go figure.

Video of the Day

Artist: Melanie Fiona
Song: It kills me

I don't think I've every heard of this singer, but her name looks really familiar. Her vocals are so pretty.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Sorry for the Delay

Hey Hey Hey

I feel like I have posted in forever. I will not make a habit of it. No matter how busy I am I should be able to take 5 minutes to make a post every now and then. I've been busy with school and applying for internships for the summer. School is going well, but the internships not so much.

I haven't even had time to wash my freaking hair. Yea, I know some ppl think its nasty, but when I was relaxed I always waited 3 weeks before I washed my hair. I even dc'd the other night(with my castor oil) without washing first. Last night, I french braided my hair and today I'll be doing the crochet braids that I've been talking about forever. I plan on keeping them for at least 3 weeks, so I prolly should have clarified and washed my hair first but o well. Don't think I'm gross lol. I made sure that I rinsed my hair very well in the shower. I'll post pics of the crochet braid process hopefully tomorrow.

My hair has been growing like a weed and I love it. I have about 1+ inches of new growth from when I attempted to color my hair in July. Also, over the course of the week I've been noticing how much my hair texture seems to be changing. Don't get me wrong I think it possible, but I honestly don't think my texture is changing. I do think however that as my hair is getting longing it is getting heavier and pulling more on my curls causing my curls to look looser. It was harder to detangle, but it I love new look.

Have a good weekend everyone. I plan to spend the how time studying and chilling on the couch. :)

Monday, September 14, 2009

I'm making progress

Since school started this semester I have falling off the wagon with my workout plan...slightly. I am still going to the gym, but not nearly three times a week :( I promise myself I will work out at home w/ the FitTV channel, but I've only done that twice. Regardless, I'm not giving up and I've been making great progress. I can proudly say I have only been missing my workouts because I'm so busy. I still have been eating healthy as well.

So since August I've lost about 7 lbs and have went down about one pants size. I know that's not much, but it's progress. Also, I feel good becuz I know I'm trying to be healthy and that's really my only concern. I feel better in my clothes and in my skin :) I will take pics and compare soon.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Ugh stress is back in full attack

I know that personally I can not handle large amounts of stress well when I am in school. I can not control my financial issues in the way that I'd like since I go to school full time and I work a low paying job, so I have grab the rest of my stressors by the reins. For this reason, the past couple of semesters I made a creed to myself I would not partake in any drama and it worked. This prolly worked mainly becuz one semester I was dating someone that acted like I was her number 1 priority the majority of the time. The next semester I chose to seclude myself from anything serious and knocked all distractions to the side.

This semester I can only pray that I can manage the stress. Money issues are getting better Thank God, but the drama is here. My boyfriend is not helping at allll. I love him to death, and I honestly believe that we will work out. He is sooo difficult yet so simple. My biggest irritation with him is he acts as if he is a mute sometimes. I will ask him straight out "answer me yes or no" and he will just sit there. I hope you can imagine how irritating this is. I first debated if I would talk about this on here, but heck y not. There is about a 2% chance of him reading this blog. I always find myself waiting for his next move and I know he's secretly loving every moment of it. I know that most ppl would tell me to break up with him I can do better, but its really not that easy. I truly love this man and I know he can really make me happy. I almost think this relationship is banking on the fact if I can bare long enough for him to grow the hell up.

Low Maintanance High Results

As I've mentioned several times before I try to be religious protective styler. It does get a little boring sometimes, but heck its worth it. I've always wanted to find a low-maintenance style that would help me achieve my hair length goal. I don't talk about my length goal much, becuz its not really important to me.

My whole regime is low-maintenance. One thing I do which a lot of ppl don't get is I do not use combs(Except to part very small sections) or brushes. All of my detangling is done with my fingers. I normally detangle with my dc. This usually is around every two weeks when my hair is worn in protective style. When I'm wearing my hair out I detangle once a wk with a condish. When I talk to ppl about this they feel "well I wouldn't be able to get away with that with my hair." My response to that is at least try it out. The reason that I am so anti-combs/brushes is becuz I absolutely hate seeing my hair come out in locs of hair. When I finger comb, I've noticed I have about 70% less hair in my drain after I wash. Also, I hate hate the sound of the comb/brush yanking at my curls(this is the exact reason I returned my Denman the same wknd I got it).

I decided to take part in the Castor Oil challenge. If you haven't heard peep it out

Honestly I don't desire my hair to be any thicker, but I think I will reap many other benefits like healthy and stronger hair.

And I can't forget about my protective styling. I intend to wear my hair in two strand twist mainly, but depending on how much I like the crochet braid I plan on trying I may alternative. Y'all I've been practicing my cornrowing styles. Also, I've acquire a good habit for myself. Becuz of my lack of free time I will often style my hair in halves. Like this:
I wore my hair like this for a few days.

Then finished the rest:
I plan on having stretched arm pit length hair by May 11, 2010. Right now my hair is slightly passed collar bone length stretched. HHG!!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Video of the Day

Artist: Tarrus Riley
Song: Love's Contagious

Do what I have to do

I'll give u little background info to my situation. As you already know I am a Black woman. What you may not know is my major is Computer and Information Technology. I was talking with a fellow Black female in my field and we discussed that we are very ignorant about our future line of work. I love my major don't get me wrong, but I did not grow up dipping and dabbling on a computer's device methodology functions and blah blah blah. I did not read computer magazines or install VMware on my operating system for fun. Do any of these words sound foreign to u? Well, they do to me too. My point is when I enter a new class, I'm usually learning the material for the first time with no prior knowledge in the area. However, most of my classmates are completely the opposite. Also, I have add I am almost always the only woman and only Black person in my courses which I don't mind much. After dealing with it for 8+ years u get used to not seeing a familiar face. But factors do play a role and I believe they have caused a issue that I need to deal with immediately. In my concentration I have to do the majority of the course load in groups. Last semester, I had a huge problem. In two separate groups I was having the same problems. We did not hold one single meeting, hardly any emails weren't sent out, and I would often walk into a computer lab and see our group work being done without me.

By nature, I am very passive. I often find myself doing or not doing things so I won't be labeled as a typical mad Black women. Some of these labels include being argumentative, aggressive, and controlling. I know that I prolly shouldn't do this but I like to keep out of potential conflict. The outcome for the past group project ended leaving my grade and knowledge suffering. If I continue to let this happen I will continue to loose out for many reasons. 1) I won't learn the course work which I will definitely need in the future 2) These men will continue to handle group work like this in the future. In our field we will prolly have group assignments for the rest of our careers.

So I will have to bite the bullet and "man" up. As much as I hate it I will have to be prolly play the leader role for the rest of undergrad and delegate all actions. I will prolly have to tell them the pull their heads out of their asses for a minute to teach me how to complete the work. I refuse to keep sitting back and losing this these situations.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Catch up

I haven't been posting about my personal life very much, but I'm really thinking about it. I won't ever go in too much detail, but blabbing and venting through blogging is a great great stress reliever. At the moment, I'm not stressed like crazy so I'm grateful about that. This is the second week of school and I've managed to turn all of my work in on time so far...yes!

I have a praise report lol. One of the ladies I mentioned on Monday did her BC!!! Yea !! It was the lovely lady Ponytail.

She is still getting used to it, but I know she'll be fine. I'll see her this wknd when I go home to celebrate Tania's bday. There is a African Fest going on and I can't wait to go. :)

Video of the Day

Artist: Mary J. Blige
Song: The One