Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Head to Toe Care

So, I was watching Black Onyx's facial regime video and it was great. It inspired to switch it up a bit. Here's my skin regime:


I've been using this Ambi stuff for a couple of days and Im loving it. I use it opposite to my apricot scrub. Meaning if I use Ambi at night and I will use apricot in the mornings or vice versa. I pour acv and water in my sink. Usually about 1 part acv to 3 parts water. I rinse my face 20 times. Then wipe my face with a clean towel. I also will be adding jojoba oil to my face regime. I have only been using it by it self since last night and I LOVE IT!!! I've never seen anything work so fast.



For some added moisture for my skin/hair a mixture of:
cocoa butter
shea butter
jojoba oil
castor oil

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Feeling Absolutely Great

1)So as you know I have been participating in the 100 day hair challenge. I can't even lie and say it's been hard cuz it really hasn't...I've just been ridiculously lazy. Well, I decided to try something different and put my hair in kinky twists. took a lot longer than I thought it would to learn how to make them look nice. I used the following videos for guidance:

MissBmC2 twists are so cute

The products I used were:
2 packs of Femi Marley Braid hair (1 and 1B color weave)
  • I was told to soak the weave in vinegar and water to rinse out the chemical that causes sensitive ppl like me to itch like crazy.
Loc and Twist Honey Wax
rat tail comb
small clips

Ok so I can't find the videos I mostly watched to learn how to twist my hair. If I find them I will put them on this post.

Im sort of a perfectionist so I want to redo the top of my twist since I know how to make them look neater now. I will use Loc and Twist gel for my ends this time.

2) This weekend was Vday and my Bday I enjoyed myself so much. I wouldn't change the experience even if I had the chance too.