Monday, November 2, 2009

A Budget Just For Me

As many of you know I'm a broke college student. Some ppl ask me "girl y do u have to work so much?" And my answer is always "I have to pay bills." I don't know about yall but I'm sooo tired always being broke. Some suggest that I make a my mind I tell myself there's no use becuz I barely buy anything for myself and everything else goes to bills. This is very true for the most part I only buy clothes when I absolutely need them(this usually involves a marked down pieced clothing never name brand), I don't eat out very much, I do my own hair(& make most of my own products). I have to admit there are other spending that I'm having a hard time cutting down on like my boyfriend.

I'm starting to see I could save a tank of gas every week by not driving to see him. I could stop getting Netflix since that 14.97 wasted most of the time since movies tend to lay on the table for wks at a time without being watched. The few Starbucks drinks I buy could be cut out(about <2 a mth). But is that really enough? I honestly don't think so which makes me stress out even more. I don't do anything(clubs, malls, movies nada). I barely go and I do mean barely. I fl like I'm going to go crazy if I cut anything else out. That trip to my boyfriend's makes my week and I look forward to it frm the moment I'm kissing him goodbye. I've convinced myself 4 my pocket and my old car's sake I will only visit him every other week. Maybe this is a start maybe it isn't.

Also, I was watching "Singletary Says" on the TV One channel this morning when I woke up and although I thought the show was corny she made some really good pts. She suggested putting a pc of ur check in savings every paycheck no matter how small it is. This is prolly commmon sense to most of u but as I was growing up I was never taught how to save. If I make sure I always put that money aside and try hard not to touch it will truly make a difference. So I started today. Wish me the best.

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