Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Help the fashionless!

I have always been a very girly female. Most often I like to admire the fashionistas all around me, but I've never been able to catch on myself. I can easily use the excuse that I've never really had the chance to becuz my mother dresses horribly and I've never had alot of spending money to buy the hottest designer fits. I know that tons of ladies visit thift stores and find the cutest funkiest things at low prices....but I live in Lameville, Indiana lol. Anyways, money is still my number one excuse and I know its getting old. I have confidence and I want my clothes to reflect it. I want style I love style...its so hott. Any ideas?

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

One day at a time

My engine light finally went off Monday morning as I was leaving my honey's house(yea I know I prolly shouldn't be driving on the highway with my headache of a car). I helped a student Monday night when I could have been studying myself. Hopefully my kindness will pay off. I hopped in my car so I wouldn't be late for my second job and the fuel light pops on. I'm paranoid as all get out even tho normal cars last a good 20 mi after the light comes on mine doesn't. I drive all the way to work and stop at the closest gas station near my job and reach for my purse....hmm not there. I managed to drive all the way back to school to look for my purse...not there. Then all the way back to my house....yea found my purse. Drove down the street to the gas station and put in a meesly $10 praying it would last to pay day. Made it to work 30 min late.

As some as you know I had two schedule internship interviews this week. I had no clue how to wear my hair and I have no time to put in the style I want. I rocked a slick back pony that didn't slick back lol and a suit(so called sz 6) that belongs to my sissy(I'll remind you I now wear a nine...I didn't think that plan thru obviously). The interview#1 went well and I hope to hear good things from the company.

My engine light came back on yesterday. My body is starting to get worn out and I have no time to relax. I have a speech that I haven't prepared to give tomorrow and interview#2. I went on campus to study yesterday after work(10:30ish pm) even tho I was so tired. I attempted to work on one of my labs, but I was completely lost. Made it home about 2 and fixed my lunch for today.

Woke up this morning to my puppy running around the room playing loudly....I think she was up all night. Made time to eat cereal, yogurt, water and vitamins. I admit I feel more energized than usual. Even took some pics My prof just pushed back my exam next week since I have no clue what's going on. My group has a lab due tomorrow and I only have access to one building with computers with the proper software...the computers are used to about 5 for classes and the lab closes at 11 ugh.
Geez its only Wednesday!!

Monday, October 19, 2009

I'm extra busy

As you may understand, I am extremely busy. I feel like I practically have no time to turn in a circle let alone participate my extracurricular activities(i.e. blogging and catching up with my unwatched shows stacking up on my dvr). I can leave without t.v. but I love bloggingg and I really miss it. Imma figure something out...I'm determined.

If u know me at all u know that I hate to keep my hair in styles for long periods of time. I know I could have easily worn my crochet braids for a good two mths but that ain't me lol. I took my 1 mth old crochet braids out on Friday while I was was practically on my way out the door. My hun asked me with a confused face "so we're about to leave?" I responded "yea, this will just take a second" I was making the time estimation up and he knew it lol. To both of ur surprise it really did only take a few minutes. I plan to do put two strand twists in my hair any day now but who knows when I'll actually be able to do it. This week I have two internship interviews(whowhoo), three labs to finish, and a speech to take care of :( So at the moment I'm trying to think of a quick/easy/fabulous way to do my hair for my interviews. Please give suggestions!!! I can afford to do maybe a 20 max style for my interview tomorrow. I know that prettydimples has some quick/fabulous styles but their never easy for me.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Just Thinking

This week was the first week at my new job. It is completely unclear to me what it is exactly that I am supposed to be doing here. I applied here with the hopes of getting a job as a computer assistant, but after coming into the interview I was told that he saw an opportunity to fill another need in their office. Therefore, I know that my position has something to do with database work, potentially training staff, and working on reports. Does that seem vague to you? Well it seems vague to me too. So far all I have done this week is play with software called HyperSnap. I'm hoping it will get better next week.

Today, my mother turns 60 years young. I'm so happy for her and I wish I could celebrate in some special way but ur girl is broke. She's in good health, happy, and always in a bubbly mood. Random but as a child I saw my mother is this abomindal woman. Despite the fact that she serves my father like she's his personal slave she seemed so strong. She got up every morning with my father and stayed busy all day. She is a semstrist and also a Sunday school teacher. She was always tired and falling asleep every time she sat but she never complained. I never saw her shed one tear until I was prolly in college. She was perfect by far but I'm happy she's my mother.

Ok sappy moment is over. I really wanna check out Chris Rocks Good Hair doc. I will prolly end up going to the movies by myself but I'm fine with that.

Have a good wknd everyone.

Friday, October 2, 2009

I'm really starting to think I have an issue

I swear to you if it not one issue it is truly another. Some of you know that I have been battling with my allergies all of my life. As far as I know these allergies include both outdoor and food. I have been faithfully taking a number of supplements to attempt to build up my immune system. Despite these efforts, I feel as though I have hit rock bottom. My body started to act as if I was sick, but in my mind I wasn't convinced. Once or twice I thought I might even had swine flu. Last Monday I decided to eat Salmon which is one of the few types of fish I know I'm not allergic to....SURPRISE had a bad reaction. I pulled out two different kinds of Benedryl and took double doses SURPRISE it didn't help much. Over the last few years, I've noticed that when I have allergic reactions my breathing gets out of my control and is a lot worse than when I was a child. So I curled up in a ball and tried to take a nap be for I marched off to work that night. Thankfully, my lungs cleared a little, but I didn't feel right. Issue over...nope. I went to the gym last Wed(I've been on a 2 wk hiatus) and within the first 5 min on the elliptical I was completely and utterly out of breath. This didn't even happen to me my first time back in the gym after a 2+ yr gap. I left immediately and couldn't catch my breathe until I made it all the way one. Then this Tuesday I was merely walking up one flight of stairs and boom couldn't breathe. I also have developed a nasty cough.

After a long debate and a horrible breathless night a work I went to the hospital. I received three breathing treatment and was given 60mg of Prednizone. I was told I seemed to be asthmatic and have been suffering from a broncospasm. The coughing was caused by this as well. So I could now breath but the steroid did not take well with me. I felt as if my heart was beating out of control and I was extremely nervous. The nurse assured me that it is a normal reaction to the drug. Even still, I'd rather not experience it again. Then when I arrived home boom insomnia hit me like a hard brick and my body tingled uncontrollably. This continued into the next day. Not ever again.

I now have a personal project. I am looking for a list of supplements I can take on a daily basis that will counteract my allergies and asthma issue. Currently, I'm taking Nature Bounty woman's multi, vitamin C, B-12, acidophilus, flax oil, and Allegra 180 mg. I am probably going to only keep the acidophilus and flax oil in my regime and add too those two. I would like to assemble a detox to rebuild my entire immune system. I'm convinced the FDA is working their hardest to weakened and kill us off.

Video of the Day

Artist: Consequence feat Kanye West and John Legend
Song: Whatever you want

I'm loving the dancing. It's not ur typical booty shakin video and its so easy to tell it was inspired by the lovely Beyonce.