Monday, June 15, 2009

Who can be "Natural"

This question was brought up when I was talking with an old friend. She has always been someone that receives the question "What are you?" I've been knowing her for over 8 years and I still finding myself driving down the street honking and waving at a White girl wearing shades thinking she's my friend lol. She identifies herself as black which is 110% fine by me. Her mother is mixed with German and Black and her father with White and Black. Around the same time me and my old roomie decided to be free from chemical fires she decided to do the same(or prolly before I don't really remember). She has beautiful hair and it's full of curls. Honestly, she prolly never should have considered perming in the first place. Note: I say that only because her texture always looks pretty much the same. For example, On Monday she walks in the door with straight hair(that hasn't been permed in months) and on Tuesday it looks exactly the same(She has just come from the salon in which she paid $60+ for a perm). True story.

Because of the way ppl ridicule her about what race she is and finds herself defending her right to called Black on way to often basis she feels she her hair isn't "natural." I quickly disagreed.

Number 1: She's Black(or AA to be politically correct)
Number 2: She doesn't have chemically altered hair

But she feels that maybe because

Number 1: She doesn't look "Black" (she has very fair skin and green eyes)
Number 2: Her hair 3B/3C isn't "nappy" *cringing* or kinky

The pic I found closest to her hair is:

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