Friday, April 3, 2009

Hmm should I wear my hair straight for a change?

So it has been 10 months since heat(blow dryer, flat iron, pressing comb) has touched this hair. First my ex asked for me to get my hair straighten and I refused. Then last year I said I would get my hair flat ironed for my birthday(Feb 15, 2009), then decided not to. I mean I know I'm probably tripping about avoiding heat for 10 months, but I mean heck I've worked really hard for my hair. I've retained at least 7-9 inches of hair since my B.C. My hair is healthier than eva and my retention is amazing. All that aside, I'm sure it will be fine if I put heat on my hair every distinct blue moon.

With that said tomorrow I plan to do the following:

* Pre-poo w/ coconut oil and cheap poo. I have practice in the morning so I will apply this before I leave and probably leave it in for at least 5hrs.

*Clarify w/ ACV and V05 poo in the shower

*One wash w/ base poo(diluted castile soap, evoo & aloe vera juice)

*One wash w/ Coconut Milk by Organix and condish. I usually put both in my hand and rub it in my entire head

*Condish w/ ORS replenishing conditioner mix w/ one egg then baggy for 15 under hooded dryer(on medium heat)

*Apply heat protective serum and my moisturizer

*Blow dry on cool

*Apply serum again and flat iron in small sections

*After apply a lil castor and jojoba oil I will wrap my hair and sit for about 15 more min under dryer.

Geezzz...this sounds like alot but I'm sure it will be a fun process. I hope this will last for 2 weeks(I'll keep my fingers are crossed).

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