Friday, April 24, 2009

I'm drawing a blank with styles

So shortly after I BC'd winter was around the corner and I made big plans for protective styles. That's exactly what I did...I religiously wore two strand twists for about 8 months. I was able to retain so much length during this time which makes me soooo excited. My twists usually consist of flat twists in the front and two strand twists in the back. I get tons of compliments on it and after time I loved how they look on me. Before April of this year, on really warm days and or sometimes that day before a wash I wore my hair in a high puff. I also love this style on me, but if you know me I hate repetition. I like to constantly do something new. Even as a child when get something new and play with it for a week max and move on to something else.

So here is where the problem comes in. At nighttime I faithfully wear a bonnet(Mon-Fri) but recently I noticed that my hair is beginning to peak out the side because my hair is getting so long. It's sorta irritating because I don't feel like braiding my hair EVERY NIGHT before I got to sleep just to wake up in the morning and style it again. I love long hair and don't get me wrong I'm truly happy about my my length what should I do? I want to try something new. I refuse to were my hair in a protective style 98% of the time in the summer too. I purchased some combs so I could try a frohawk. Did it work for me.... of course not. I also tried wearing my hair in a lil bang thing (I'll try to post a pic) with a puff in the back. It's a really cute style but it only works for me on wash day. Lately I've been seeing folks do bantu knot outs in their hair and looks GREAT but I don't think my hair is long enough yet.

I'm def not bored or thinkin about doin anything drastic but I needs some more ideas. Can anyone give me any tips on how to do a frohawk?

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