Monday, April 20, 2009

Nite Hair Care Slacking

So, several months ago I posted that I had been slacking with my night hair care. Well, I still am. Normally during the week I'm pretty good at wearing a bonnet at night, but my hair care during the wknd is inexcusable. I think that my problem is when I wear my bonnet I think I am not sexy for the night. I don't want to be around my boyfriend like that. He's neva said anything about it, but I know if I was him I would want to rip it off my head when I was sleeping. Also, my fro is starting to get enormous so I can't wear a satin scarf anymore at night. I have to either deal with the fact that he is going to see me with a bonnet on a regular or find something prettier to wear.



Jayla K. Parks said...

have you tried sleeping on a satin/silk pillow slip?

i know this post was put up more than a month ago, but that can help.

KurlyQue said...

No I haven't. I usually slack when I'm at my boyfriend's house and I can't imagine him sleeping on silk pillows. Maybe I'll bring an extra pillow and pillow case just for me. Thanks.