Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Head to Toe Care

So, I was watching Black Onyx's facial regime video and it was great. It inspired to switch it up a bit. Here's my skin regime:


I've been using this Ambi stuff for a couple of days and Im loving it. I use it opposite to my apricot scrub. Meaning if I use Ambi at night and I will use apricot in the mornings or vice versa. I pour acv and water in my sink. Usually about 1 part acv to 3 parts water. I rinse my face 20 times. Then wipe my face with a clean towel. I also will be adding jojoba oil to my face regime. I have only been using it by it self since last night and I LOVE IT!!! I've never seen anything work so fast.



For some added moisture for my skin/hair a mixture of:
cocoa butter
shea butter
jojoba oil
castor oil

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