Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Let's Give Castile Soap a Try(Pt. 1)

So I used my liquid black soap on my face, body, and hair for about 2 months. I can really tell my face loves it, but I still want to keep trying other ingredients I have under by bathroom sink. I still have a small amount of black soap left that I will continue to use on my face. My next experiment was with my peppermint castile soap.I found a few recipes that I thought I would try out. I can't remember exactly what I used, but it consisted of distilled water, castile soap, and a few oils(I really wish I remembered the ones I added so I can repeat it again :( ).

I decided to take my ACV toner up a notch. I found a recipe that used strong green tea brewed with distilled water. I added 3 organic green tea bags and about 1/3 cup of distilled water in a small saucepan. I heated the water and moved the pan to a cool stove eye. The plan was to leave it out for 30 min(I forgot about it until the morning). I added some ACV(not a lot), the tea and some rose water. I use this toner twice a day after washing my face and it leaves my face o so clean. The combo of this stuff plus the black soap works wonders for me. Short story: I was out of the state interviewing for couple days and didn't keep up with my face regime. A day later I noticed an ugly pimple on my chin. I used this stuff and I noticed it shrunk super fast. I touched it a couple times throughout the day but it hadn't disappeared yet. The following morning it was still there. I applied my ACV mix and I swear I couple hours later it was completely gone. I'm keeping this stuff as staple for sure!!!!!

Recently, my hair felt sooo odd before my wash and I knew it was time to clarify. I threw together some ACV and some oils. I normally would have added a ton of water but my only free bottle at the moment was tiny so while my head was full of lather I gave my hair some sprays of the ACV clarifier.

I also tried a dc I made with mayo, rose water, vitamin e, and jojoba oil. I detangled my hair while it was still in my hair. SN: I think its time for me to get a wider, BIGGER comb.

Finally, after I washed my hair I let it air dry and I tried my roomie'sMy hair turned out pretty nice and I liked the product more than I thought I would. My hair felt very soft and my front(my problem area) stayed in place better than normal. Although, when I applied the product it was very oily(bc it basically only consisted of oils) it absorbed in my hair quickly. Me being cheap I have a mind to find the oils in the cream myself and make my own. .

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