Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Let's Give Castile Soap a Try(Pt. 2)

I have a few updates. I'm still using Castile Soap for my face and body. First off, I miss the lather that the black soap and my old love(Dove's line) gave me. However, my skin always is left feeling refreshed, but I'm not satisfied. My face is still looking clear so I've come to the conclusion that my skin is happy with both black soap and castile soap. I have noticed however my skin feels less dry when using black soap.

I'm still using my toner I threw together over a month ago and its definitely a keeper. I will continue to use the castile mix(I will probably add more of the soap for some added lather). I will probably stick with my black soap mix after this.

U know I can't stop making new concoctions so when my diy lotion/oil started to run low I had to whip up a new batch...hmm I need a better name for it than that...any suggestions? I had been noticing that when I was using mostly coconut oil and a little shea butter my skin was ashy by the end of the day. I can't lie and said I thought really long an hard about it because when I make things I kinda just throw things together spontaneously but I did ponder about what would increase my skins moisture. I had recently done a little research for a friend on whether grapeseed oil would help with ingrown hair. While, I didn't find that specific info I did I find that it could help with moisture. So mixed:

melted some shea butter(my first time using the yellow kind)
coconut oil
grapeseed oil
rosemary EO
tea Tree EO
purified H2O

I played with the amts to find a creamy consistency. I love this stuff I have used it on my hair and skin for about a week now. Although it contains a great deal of oil it does not leave me feeling greasy and the moisture stays throughout the day.

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anna said...

That is some awesome crazy! I have terrible skin problems too, so I crave one