Friday, October 1, 2010

Baby and/or Marriage?

I guess I missed the memo about the NMNW Campaign last week, but I'm happy I found out today. I know it is already causing drama, but its time for a change ppl. I was having a conversation with my boyfriend last night about our future. He seemed to be having a hard time picturing himself in a marriage with children, so when I read one of the articles on the NMNW website these words caught my eye

"No black woman should ever feel that she might not ever get married because of statistics"

"It is inexcusable that college-aged black women and black women in their 20s are already preparing to be alone and planning for single motherhood. It is heartbreaking for a 25-year-old to talk about how she’s investigating adoption or sperm donation so that she can make a decision about parenthood if she’s still single by 30."

Well this is exactly how I feel(minus the sperm donation part), but how can I get over it when our men can make it so hard. I'm turning 25 in February and I'm ready to start thinking about my next move. I won't get too deep on my personal life, but somehow our generation got left behind. My eyes almost came out my head when I read that 72% of black children are born out of wedlock...wowwww are u kidding me? Is this something we can change? How can we really start educating the ones that need the message? Others will disagree that there is anything wrong with it at all and if you have good reason keep believing it. But believe me this is not an issue that I will ignore.

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