Wednesday, November 17, 2010


I have been still working on taking control of the things I can actually control and its working out let me tell u. Money has been sooo tight(or should I say nonexistent) since my interview in TX last month. I was already low on funds before the trip and I didn't expect to have to wait so long on my trip reimbursement. I feel like I'm constantly paying catch up with bills...but soon enough those days will be over bc I got landed a job. I'm very very excited and I finally feel that my dedication and determination are paying off.

Hair Determination Update(updates in purple):
  1. Very short edges which I know can be caused by a lot since their so fragile. I hardly pull on my edges when making ponytails, braiding, or twisting. Plus I don't use brushes bc I hate how they feel scraping on my edges. I have been not worn any tight ponys and have been avoiding unnecessary strain(tight twisting/braiding, tying potentially hair scarves around my head). I haven't noticed any difference yet.
  2. My two strand twists always frizz A LOT on the 3 or 4 day of wear. I tend to do small twists to extend the style. The frizz is always on the crown of my head which is also my area with the loosest texture(3c or less). I used to use shea butter only when twisting...then tried almond oil and coconut I use a mix of all three. I use a hair moisturizer spritz that contains water which maybe part of the problem. I have began to use a very small amount of my cream nightly, putting my hair in braids, coating my ends with a little additional cream, and wearing a silk scarf every night. I have noticed improved.
  3. I wear protective styles more than 98% of the time. However, I usually wear them down or in a ponytail with the ends tucked in awkwardly. My ends are retched and I have split ends up the wazoo. I have been braiding my according to how I plan to style my hair the next day. For example, if I plan to wear a high bun I braid in a upward position. This really saves me some time styling in the morning.
  4. I forgot to add the fact that my hair has been itching like crazy for a month now!!! I use my cream daily and my hair feels very soft, but the itch continues. I've clarified with ACV to try to give my moisturizing a fresh start...i didn't help one bit.

    Yesterday, I prepooed with castor and grapeseed oil. I tried not to shampoo my hair like crazy and instead applied my castile soap mix a couple times. I added castor oil to a Ion conditioner pack I grabbed from Sally's for my dc. I let my hair dry and twisted it with the Madame Walker cream again. Will see how this week goes.

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