Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Need a Solution

(Post written October 30, 2010)

I'm having a horrible weekend so far. My car decided to make loud noises on my hair to my professors office hours yesterday morning. The result....I missed his O.H., missed work yesterday, missed an hour of work this morning. Ugh I don' t have the money to tow the car to the shop so it will be sitting patiently in my complex's parking lot. Normally, I'm constantly worrying and forever stressed. Since I know that I only have so much control over things that happen I need to redirect myself to some things I can actually my hair. Me and my hair have always had some issues when it comes to my edges, my two strand twist frizz, and retaining length. I am going to start doing some research and make a few trial regimes.

The problems include:
  1. Very short edges which I know can be caused by a lot since their so fragile. I hardly pull on my edges when making ponytails, braiding, or twisting. Plus I don't use brushes bc I hate how they feel scraping on my edges.
  2. My two strand twists always frizz A LOT on the 3 or 4 day of wear. I tend to do small twists to extend the style. The frizz is always on the crown of my head which is also my area with the loosest texture(3c or less). I used to use shea butter only when twisting...then tried almond oil and coconut I use a mix of all three. I use a hair moisturizer spritz that contains water which maybe part of the problem.
  3. I wear protective styles more than 98% of the time. However, I usually were them down or in a ponytail with the ends tucked in.

Details soon!!

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