Monday, December 15, 2008

Yes Success!! I tried something new and absolutely loved it. Last week I went looking for Bentonite Clay to no avail...I go to school in the middle Hickville, Indiana (Knowing how this place is that probably is the name of a real town here) and I can't find unique products. I think I will purchase some over the break. Well, I stopped by CVS and bought some Dr. Miracle Deep Conditioner. So here what I did in my process:

*Coated my hair with ACV and Baking soda
*Shampooed with Tea Tree Milk by Organix
*Condished with Dr. Miracle and my pre-poo (I love it so much I think I will use it as my main conditioner
*Sectioned my hair in four parts with rubber bands
*Coated and detangled each section
*Washed it out

I was supposed to leave in the conditioner for 30min since I didn't have a hooded dryer, but I only left it in long enough to detangle my whole head. My hair turned out GREAT! It was so full of life.

I then moisturized w/:
*Shea butter
*My bff's mother's grow creme

My old roommate saw my wet hair was so impressed(and secretly envious). We haven't had a perm for about the same time and my hair is longer and healthy.

Anyways...this is finals week so I need to keep studying. God Bless all the students for finals.

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