Monday, December 22, 2008

Tips for Newbies(Recent BCers)

Basically, I was writing a friend from school and the facebook note started to get kinda long. She was transitioning for I think around a year. Her finally transition style was a sewin. When she took hair wasn't what she expected. Boy do I know the feeling.

I know that during the end of my transition I bought alot of products and still have not used them. I don't advise it. I wish now that I would have figured out my hair type and read product reviews for girls like me. Here are some things and some tips to ponder on.

Think about health of your hair. What does it look like right now? Feel free to ask questions. There are so many naturals all around that will be willing to listen and give your feedback.

~*1*~ Did you BC(Big Chop) and immediately after get your hair braided or twisted up? If so, you haven't really seen and learned your new natural hair.

Congrats to the ladies who get major growth from weave protective styles cuz child they just don't work for me.

If you have had your braids in for 2+ months or close you might what to take them out to see if your hair is growing in the way you anticipated.

~*2*~Don't become a product junkie just because your curious. I know it's hard but in the long run your bound to have wasted money on stuff u didn't need in the first place. *Look at product reviews first*

~*3*~ Treat your hair like a delicate piece of's old and should be handled with care
*When washing or cowashing your hair it's important to remember your goal is not to have your hands all in your head with a head full of suds. Keep your shampoo use and a minimum...your hair doesn't need to be squeaky clean like a dirty shirt.
*Try to only detangle(With a wide tooth comb or denman brush) your hair when its wet with a moisturizer or conditioner. Comb from the ends up and the smallest sections as possible. You will get less tangles that way. Try to finger comb instead when possible.

~*4*~ Try to keep manipulation to bare minimum you will reap the benefits later.

~*5*~ Your hair is not the same as anyone else's. Embrace it...don't wish it was different.

Again...please ask if you wanna know something and can't find the answer. We're in this thing together. Happy Holidays and be blessed.


Loren said...

So this blog is just what I needed..thanks so much!!
Today I purchased Perfect finsh shampoo and conditioner..but I don't know what type of hsir mosturizer I should use and how often do I use it? Also how do I know if a product contains silicone or not?

KurlyQue said...

So sorry I didn't write back sooner. I talked with my hairologist lol my friend Tania. Basically, for an everyday moisturizer I use a spritz I make it works really well. It contains rosewater, aloe vera gel (I found them at Sunspot in the plaza on 52), and glycerin(at CVS). My friend has tried Key 10 supposedly is a silicone product thats good. the dominicans use it.

KurlyQue said...

Also, here is a quote that she texted me "I actually don't see silicone as an active ingredient, but I kno I've seen blogs where they talk about it. One of the listed chemicals might be it under a diff name. Its actually a protein conditioner so it should be followed by a moisturizer. The full name of the product is Miss Keys 10 en 1 and can be found at this Dominican salon for $5.99" If you still want a silicone product just let me know.