Tuesday, December 9, 2008

No not again..effects or stress

Well, I've been so happy because I haven't been stressing as much as normal. I'm usually tripping about life on a day to day basis with no time to take a fresh breath of air.

Ugh, its coming back again. The last time this happened I lost tons of hair and had serious breakage. And always had headaches. No not again. I can't let this happen. This time its not so much from the stress of school and money. I'm still struggling with money, but my personal relationship is really starting to make me question myself and life...A LOT. I know that he loves me...but the fact that he isn't very verbal or affectionate is starting to do something with my nerves.

My headaches have returned in full blown(particularly right above my left eye) and I refuse to let my hair suffer. This weekend is going to consist of some serious TLC.

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