Monday, November 3, 2008

Protective Style Time?!

So I think I might have a little problem. I live in Indiana :( and its starting to get cold outside. Everywhere I read, "Protective styles protective styles protective styles." Well I don't know about you but I hate wearing hairstyles for more than a couple of days. Thats the whole point of wearing your hair in protective styles. It's supposedly great for your hair because your not pulling and bothering your delicate all the time, your ends stay protected. I've heard, "The longer you keep your hair braided..the healthier it gets." It sounds good, but I can't do the long style thing.

I washed my hair on Saturday and I could not think of a way to style my hair. I think I have discovered that the front my hair(3c) does not work well being styled wet. At the time, I was trying to fight with my hair and flat twist it anyway. Of course, it didn't work.

I opted to coiling my hair like I did last week(pic are from last week). It turned out nice...but is coiling hair really a protective style?

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