Tuesday, November 25, 2008

How my Wknd plan came thru...


I decided to do my hair on Saturday after work inside of on Friday. It turned out pretty well. Here's a pic.

This pic was taken when my twists were a couple days old. I might take it down before tomorrow because I don't feel like getting any smart comments about "my afrocentric hair" from folks at home. I really need to keep this hair style til at least Saturday because Chicagoland winters are extreme...we shall see

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving (big whoop) I'm not really very excited for some reason but I'm sure it will be good times over all.

Everyone be blessed and have I hope you have a great holiday. Gives thanks for those you love and care about.


Pretty Curls said...

Nice!!! How did you make it so shiny..it looks very healthy :)

KurlyQue said...

The flash from the camera probably has a lot to do with it lol. I try to keep my hair moisturized and fortunately it really pays off.