Thursday, November 20, 2008

It's Only A Test (Imma take a testimony break)

Recently, I've noticed all the ways that my life is beginning to change. I can say that they Lord is transforming my frame of mind and I'm excited about it. All my life I've been a follower of a very strict religion Pentecostal Apostolic. My family has not always supported my lifestyle and the way that I choose to live my life. I could get all wrapped up in what the "saints" say is right and wrong and live my life unhappily. I realize that God purposely made me this way and I shouldn't be ashamed of myself just because Sister so and so said ur not supposed to do that.

Anyways, I've been really trusting in God and I've been so happy. B.I.O. wrote a great blog about God being faithful. I was so thankful for it and having continuously been praying about my situation. It seems as soon as you reach closer to your spiritual pinnacle the Devil works harder and harder. My car almost got totaled at 6:30 am yesterday morning over the dumbest thing. I hit a curb. Can u believe it? The tire place told me it would cost over 2000 to get the work done. I'm broke I didn't have that type of money. Today, I got a phone call that the work came up to under 600. Thank you Lord. Its still pricey but its works.

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