Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Trying Black Soap Again

I woke up this morning and decided to try liquefying my black soap again. If all goes well I will use this for my face, body, and hair. Since my skin is so sensitive I'm not sure if this will work out well but hey y not try. This my second time trying black soap. The first time the soap worked fine but I believe I added too much water and I didn't document the results. This time I used two videos for guidance by DuchessGabrielle and NeicyGoingNatural I'm letting it settle for three days. I will take pictures to keep up with my results.


FyrstPlayce said...

So, I haven't been on here in ages, and I'm trying to play catch up lol but anywho, u know they sell black soap in a liquid form right? I still use the bar, but I've seen it in liquid form.

KurlyQue said...

I chose to buy raw black soap 1)it was cheaper lol 2)I wanted to make the choice of what extra ingredients were used when liquefying the soap 3) I wanted to have a large amount that I could use at my own pace

I have so many essential oils now that it would be a waste to only buy products that were already "finished." I'm learning what oils work best for my skin and hair.