Saturday, September 4, 2010

Progress Feels Good

So today I'm at work Yeaa...not! But I'm taking full advantage of my time here. I was blessed enough to snag up a lab assistant job on campus that allows me to do homework 99.5% of the time. Yes! Seriously, I go over and beyond what is required of me and they encourage us to do homework. The only downfall is the low pay...can't win them all lol.

Anyways, last night when I got off of work I pre-pooed with grapeseed, castor, and coconut oil. I was tired and couldn't quite remember whats supposed to go in a pre-poo so I just threw some oil in a container and applied them to my head. I braided my hair in a few sections and put on a shower cap to sleep so I wouldn't get my pillow all oily. Then, I washed my face with diluted castile soap and used my acv as my toner. Finally, I applied EVOO to my face as suggested by Tania. This morning my face didn't have any new bumps or anything so thats the first good sign :)

When I arrived to work I finished my resume. Yes! I'm so happy to be done with it and it looks good. An intelligent, diva I've known for years helped be with it and its looks great! Hit her up she's really good at what she does. We have to support each other ya'll.

Write to Success --- Write Your Way to Opportunity!
Resume Writing Expert

It's only 10:15am on a Saturday and I've already:
Prepared my hair for washing/dc
Walked/Fed my doggy
Taken my Vitamins
Sent a Happy BDay text
Polished off my resume

When I get back home I'm going to wash with the black soap I liquefied(It's been setting for 3days now). Then use up the rest of my commercial purchased condish(It's actually a decent product, but I'm still not getting more) mixed with EVOO as my DC. Lastly, I'm going to put in a fresh set of mini two-strand twists. My bf's mom always using a comb so I'm going to try her method this time to get the true longevity of the style plus use a method I sorta made up. Keep ur fingers crossed with me haha.

That is HIGHLY impressive for me. Thank God for another productive day. Have a blessed weekend Loves.

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