Friday, May 28, 2010

Best Time to be Natural

U know it might just be me, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE being natural in the summer.

True story...two weeks ago during my trip to Florida me and my honey were walking to the grocery store. OMG it was hot and all I could think about was taking a cold shower when I got back to my hotel. The moment I opened the door I headed right to the shower. I completely rinsed my two strand twists with cold water and that was it. I couldn't have dreamed of that when I was relaxed.

On top of that, I can get in the pool or go to a waterpark as much as I want. I can do virtually anything that would be a pain for others and its a breeze for me. :)

I was debating what protective styles I would wear for the summer. I thought about weaving it up and doing crochet braids, sew ins, or sengalese twists. Then I thought long and hard about it. I do not want to be bothered with all that. If I keep my hair faithfully in two strand twists I can easily put my hair in a pony if my neck gets too hot. Plus I won't have to worry about a massive amount of heavy hair on top of my head. Yess!

I still trying to encourage my sister...oops I mean my friend to try it out. I have especially tried to suggest the easy carefree styles like puffs, but she's still resulting to her tired wig. Whatev Im giving up on that one.


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FyrstPlayce said...

u make me wanna go natural...I just don't like dealing with hair at all...n my hair isway 2 think to not be idk, maybe I'll try after the summer