Friday, May 21, 2010

Ready for the Sun

The spring semester is finally over but the summer semester has just begun...yay :( It seems all I can think about is warm weather...the warm weather that comes with summer and the warm weather that I will be living in after I get a great job after graduation next year. I'm speaking my future into existence. Even when I was a little girl, I got so excited when the summer season was near in Indiana. It seems we only get about a solid month of summer here and I hate it. I'm determined to have a career somewhere south of Indiana lol.

I had a great semester and I am very proud of myself. My hair is also doing pretty well. I have been sticking with low manipulation styles...its the way to go with me. The last time I washed my hair I decided I would do my version of a lazy prepoo and coat my hair with almond oil several hours before washing. I then used a random condish mixed with shampoo(I'm trying to use up everything I have in my closet). I also am using the tip of my bff and now using castor oil added to my dc. The result? Greatness. My hair had such a glow to it and stayed moisturized for days. I should be washing it this wknd so I will let you know if it had the same effect again.

I almost forgot. Some of you know I live by ACV. I ingest it for my acid reflux and asthma issues. Apply it to my skin for my severe eczema. I clarify my hair with it. Now I even pour a little in my dog's water and it gives her a shiny coat. She had a nasty, huge hot spot and it seemed like no over the counter methods helped. The vet urged that I come broke so it wasn't an option. I began to dilute the ACV with water and apply it to the sore several times a day. Problem solved. She left the spot alone and it healed quickly. Lastly, my sister started using diluted ACV on my two year nephew. I just got a report that his eczema is 95% gone. It's great I tell u.


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