Thursday, March 11, 2010

Out from Hiding

Hey everyone. I've been really bad and Im sorry. I keep saying that I will stop my large posting gaps but it hasn't happened yet. I've been so caught up and haven't had any spare time.
Catch up:
I got my hair straightened in February and it turned out pretty good.
My old stylist tried to convince me to get my hair straightened every two months....hmm soo not happening. She also had a really rough time trying to detangle my hair...that must have been from me going over a year with combing hahaha. She has convinced me to comb my hair at least every month or so I can make sure I get all of shed hair out. I've had it straightened for three weeks now with no extra heat which was typical when I was relaxed. I plan to wash it within the next week.

In other news, I'm about to iron out my hair regime and make it solid. I'm still thinking about eliminating shampoo from my washing routine...not positive yet. I have been completely absent from the natural hair world that I was so obsessed with before. I might poke my head back in the scene soon.

After my trip to the salon my APL goal of May(I don't remember the exact month) has been delayed :( I can't blame it on the salon my ends were crappy which was my own fault. So my new APL goal is set to September.

Gotta head to class.

I'll be back soon :)

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