Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Hey hey hey yea I'm a bit of a techie

I hope everyone had a great a great Christmas and New Year's...mine were both very interesting. I'm still getting used to my new netbook a Samsung n310
and I think I've been spending every spare moment that I have just getting used to my new OS that I'm trying out since mine only came with Windows XP. Week prior to my purchase I was already making plans to dualboot Windows XP and Jolicloud. So when I start my netbook it gives me an option of what OS I want to run. I don't know about you but I'm ready to tell Windows to kick rocks. Frankly, I'm not a huge fan and decided to give Joliclod Pre-Beta a try. It has such a cool edgy interface to it. Its an internet OS meaning it caters to online users and offers tons of free apps that are just plain clever. Me likey.

Also, as I mentioned I've been looking for a internet provider that will fit my very low costing needs that will allow me to do more than look at email. At last I think I've found a winner. From what I hear DataJack is offering a $39 unlimited wireless broadband plan with no extranesss...no contracts, no usage caps, not even taxes. It's using T-Mobile's coverage so its offered in many places. The only thing that is making me hesistate is that you have to purchase their modem for $99 upfront ugh. I definitely will prolly give this a shot too.

Well thats all for now. Gotta get back to work.


Katrina Spencer said...

I am trying to get my husband to buy me a netbook. I have a laptop and want to switch to a desktop and a netbook. He says I'm not that tech savvy yet.

Is your netbook your only computer, or do you use a laptop or desktop?

What are you loving about your netbook? (Trying to build up a case against my husband's reasons.)

KurlyQue said...

Honestly, if you know how to use a regular computer you can handle a netbook. My mother who is 60 and knows absolutely nothing about these things is even a good candidate to get one. Yes, my netbook is my only computer. There are some netbooks that run on linux which can be a little less user friendly, but most of them run on Windows so don't worry about that. I love it so much because it does everything I need it to do without having an expensive heavy laptop. I can pull it out my purse on a moments notice, hop online and watch a tv show in between classes. Also, I leave home early and use it whenever I want without getting a low battery by the evening.

I would say I suggest to upgrade the RAM to at least 2gb if it comes with less it initially. Adding a little extra RAM will make it more convenient to multitask without having any problems. It will make it easier to watch movies on it too. It sooo easy to do and there are plenty of how-.to videos online, but its not a must.

Most of the netbooks have similar capabilities. Since they are so cheap I would make sure to focus on getting the most for you money. I was able to find one that is normally $479 for $300 that has up to 9 hrs of battery life(6 cell lithium), 2.8lbs, 160 gb hard drive, 1gb of RAM(which I upgraded for $20). So my best advice is make sure your confident on the netbook you select, Amazon has great reviews and visit a store nearby to see a similar model. I have no idea why your husband would think your not tech savvy enough for it. I can give you the sites I used to read reviews and visited to find the best bargain.