Tuesday, May 26, 2009

How Much Is Really Necessary?, The protein treatments, oils, deep conds

I'm going to piggy back on this thread How much is really necessary. What do you think. I am addicted to so many blogs and forums that stress the need to do sooo much. Most of the time I breeze through the articles but I hardly ever change up my regime. I like to keep it simple. I also haven't taken much time to read all the books and research about the products we so call need in our regime. I couldn't tell you one thing about protein and I don't plan on finding out either. My hair is in great shape and I don't need anything extra. Now, it would only make sense to try something different if my hair was not living up to its full potential. To me it only makes sense to keep your hair moisturized and dc religiously. I know that my hair can look sorta dead if I don't spray on my daily spritz(includes pure aloe vera gel, glycerin, rose water, and regular water) but really that's it. I mainly only use my homemade moisturizer and my spritz on a daily basis and that pretty much sums it up. What do you think.

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Traycee said...

I say if its not broke then don't fix it..If KISS is working for you then don't change a thing...Most times less is more